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100 Years Of Service Colt Model 01911ANVIII Anniversary Edition

In case you live under a rock or you are of diminished mental capacity, back in 2011 was the 100th year of the Colt Model 1911 blessing our lives. Colt, being the only maker who actually had any right to make a 100 anniversary model, made 3 grades of the pistol to celebrate. Each fancier than the next. The first was the standard military issue model with the 1911-2011 roll mark added. From Karl today, we have some pictures of one of them.

.50 BMG APIT Round In Flight

This is a great picture I took at just the right moment. I took this in 2008. I was standing behind my friends when he fired a .50 BMG APIT round form is M82A1 at a steel target 850 yards away. The round was probably about 200 yards out when I captured the photo. The little tiny white dot to the left of the projectile was the man sized steel target.