5.56 Timeline

Misc photos

Found out one of my mags was bad. Was harder to seat into the gun and would cause random malfunctions.
Nightforce MIL-R reticle. I was having a hard time seeing it against the background.
Who ever assembled this MK12MOD1 upper put the muzzle break on upside down.
I tried using the Accushot monopod I have had laying around for years. Not sure if I like it or not.
PERST-2 green laser visible on the target at 100 yards in sunlight. I was having a very hard time zeroing it that day.
Using a cheap press to punch out the impulse charge (blank) when reloading 40mm.
When I got the APC9K I switched to an Aimpoint low mount. When I got the telescoping brace, I had to go back to a medium height mount due to the difference in cheek weld. Here are the mounts side by side to show the difference.
I was trying the offset red dot again. It has many merits but it doesn’t feel right for me.
What the camera sees is often not what the human eye sees.