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Poll 1: 9mm vs .45ACP

Let us have a little fun. On the right side of the webpage there is a poll where you can pick between 9mm and .45 ACP. Make your choice! Got something to say about it, post it as a comment here.

In a week, we will put up a new poll, and talk about the results of the old one.

Results are in:

Only 80 people voted. At least we can say those 80 all made good choices. Fortunately both rounds have had the benefit of decades of improvements in bullet designs, powers, and pistol designs.

As Dyspeptic Gunsmith pointed out, .45 ACP can be loaded much much hotter, but you need to make sure you have a gun that could handle that.

Matt pointed out the much lower cost of 9mm. It seems like when I get cheap .45ACP ammo to practice with, it costs me around twice as much as 9mm. It is nice to be able to shoot more.

We will need to think of some more interesting polls for the future.