5.56 Timeline


Tonight the looserounds.com facebook “fan” page has hit over 300 “likes.”  While thats a really small number compared to other pages and compared to the daily visits to the looseorunds website. It is still pretty exciting to me.   The reason is simple.  We have not spent 1 dollar in some kind of advertising to gain likes or paid some expert PR firm to get us likes.   I like it better that way. I want people to like us and find us on their own.

Since its a bit of a mile stone for us I thought I would say a few things about looserounds that none of us have share so far in the short time LR has been in this world.  And because of the 300 likes this is as good time as any to say it and for me to blather and gibber on longer then I should.

When Howard and I decided to start loose rounds, we wanted it to be different to a lot of the fire arms blogs out there all over the web.  First, we did not want it to be another NRA parrot site full of  news about anti gun laws being passed or pro gun law victories. You can get that every where else. We agreed that unless its something critically important, we would skip on it. Another thing was we wanted to have content that was at least an attempt at something meaningful. Some other sites will post up stuff every day, but its just as likely to be rumor or non news as anything informative.  It gives the illusion of activity, but its really not.  We also did not want to or seem to be talking down to the readers or lecture them as if they were ignorant beginners.  There is one fire arm blog I saw a few months ago that had the smug arrogance to lecture readers on their FB page about the readers spelling and grammar. I suppose he could not help himself from complaining about his readers comments in the comment section, or felt his readers intelligence was so low he felt it is duty to make the world a better place by making sure the people who came to his blog were as smart as he felt he deserved them to be…..Have no idea. But I told Howard that I would have been highly insulted by his condescending posts toward his fans.       Looserounds is here to share info and give you our opinion on what is good and works and what does not.  We do not feel we are better then you nor are we going to lecture you on your spelling or how you dress.  There is enough of that on gun boards that are suppose to be technical and are the furthest from it.

Some of us may have more or different experience in some things that you do not, but does not mean we are anything special.   We will give you an honest opinion whether you like the opinion or not is another thing. You might not agree with out opinion and that OK. but if you get mad over it that is not going to change our opinio. We do not hold that against anyone and we hope you would not take it personal and hold it against us. Though if you do. well.  whatever.

We do try to talk to our readers as adults that have more then basic fire arms knowledge.  Sure, not everyone does, but  the fundamentals always apply and I have always found that people will learn pretty fast.  We also will take the time to answer any beginner level question, shooting or technical or informational. We cover a wide range sometimes and try to be entertaining, helpful and to sometimes teach a little fire arms history along with other useful and sundry skill.

One thing I feel is important to point out is looserounds and the writers at LR does not feel or think anyone who is not LEO or Military, does not know what they are talking about. This is another point that has always bothered us about some of the other gun blogs and websites.  Experts come from all over and just because some one is paid or “trained” to do something hardly makes them an expert.  I am sure everyone has seen examples of both. So do not feel like something on this site is not for you just because you never had to throw a grenade through a window or make some SWAT team raid. The info we try to provide is meant to help everyone and to make everyone think. We do not think some ones opinion can not be judged because they are LEO or Mil.  That thinking leads to blind hero worship and relying  on people who may not know what they are doing and leading other to follow the same mistakes.   So comment on anything you wish even if some one has told you that you can not argue with the topic because you don’t have the experience. We are always willing to listen and talk about it ( unless you start out with  insulting ).

We started out to talk about tactics and shooting more then reviews and gear tests but we certainly evolved fast into doing that as well. We also added topics like survival and prepping and even the comedic section. Starting next year we will  debut our Youtube Channel with videos. Catherine will be at SHOT show to show some video of the new stuff and hopefully some interviews with company reps.  And of course videos with shooting tips. I can not say for sure what the video portion will evolve into though because we seem to not know how we are going to do things until it just happens. Just like pregnancy. no one knows how it works until a kid pops out.

I can say we will probably have more AAR and reviews of come carbine and shooting classes this year from Mark. He may be going to a Costa shooting class so if that happens you can read his always excellent review of his experience and we will have some more article about antique and obscure guns form the Editor of LR C.Lopes. If that is popular, maybe we will do more.  I am always waiting to hear from readers about what they would like to read about, so suggestions are welcome. But, I can not promise we will write about it. But we will do our very best to answer questions as usual. There is a very wide range and knowledge base on looseorunds and there is not much we can not answer.


Thanks for reading what we have to say this year and thanks to our facebook fans for “liking” us.  I for one am surprised on how much we have grown. I never imagined so many people would want to read what we had to say in this time of every gun blog being run by a “SEAL.”

We just want to help other shooters with what we learned over years and hundreds of thousands of rounds and even Combat for one of us.  Keep reading if you like what we do and 2013 will be better then this year with more to offer and new and better things.









Above is a link to contact or write Boehner in just a few minutes. Even if you are out of district.

Here is a link to the NRAs page and rep finder.

It only takes a minute and they have a easy template already set up. Just write what you want to say,


If we lose our right to defend ourselves, we lose the only thing that guarantees you are free. If new bans and laws are passed, you have only yourself to blame this time. Stand up and fight.

Prayers for Sandy Hook Victims and a Message Regarding Gun Control

Prayers for Sandy Hook Victims

The Looserounds family is in complete sorrow over the tragedies that occurred on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  No one, especially precious innocent children, should have to witness such a tragic horrific event.  We cannot fathom how someone could commit such a heinous evil act.  Parents having to bury their children… it’s heart wrenching.  It saddens us that people are attempting to use this tragedy as a chess piece in their political gun control agenda.  This awful event is a reminder that evil people exist and they will do anything to fulfill their needs.

As every media channel rushes to upload new information, we are learning many incorrect statements have been released.  The true story continues to unravel about 20 year old Adam Lanza.  Most recent stories state he was very intelligent; however, he suffered from “Asperger’s syndrome or a personality disorder (and) had a tortured mind.”  Tweets have been posted from those who knew him stating they were not surprised he had committed such an act.

It is believed that after murdering his mother, he stole her guns and drove to the school to massacre innocent children and adults.  Lanza was not the legal age to purchase a handgun.  The reason for this atrocious act is unknown, and we may never know since he selfishly and cowardly took his own life.  At this moment the authorities are stating he used two 9mm handguns (Sig Sauer and Glock)  which were found near his body at the scene of the crime.  They also found a Bushmaster Rifle (.223) in the trunk of the car; however, the evidence of it being used is currently in question.  Nevertheless, anti-gun lobbyists and anti-gun media channels are jumping all over these inconclusive statements stating they want stricter gun control, banning of assault weapons, and even going as far as taking away our 2nd amendment right.

Looking at these awful recent massacres and stating if guns were banned these crimes would have not happened is not a sound statement.   The opposite could be said that if victims were equipped with a firearm then these tragedies could have been prevented.  Both scenarios are speculations.  However, one fact remains constant… the disturbed minds of the people behind the weapons.  Evil people will do what it takes to get what they want.  Whether it means obtaining it illegally or finding alternatives (i.e. homemade explosive, chemical weapon, etc…), they are set to accomplish their twisted goals.  Stricter gun control is not the solution.  It only takes away rights from good American citizens and eradicates our ability to protect ourselves and our families.

Our deep condolences, prayers, and hopes are with the children, families, school, and law enforcement officials who had to witness such a malevolent act.  God bless and let’s keep our children close and safe.

The Violinist.

Article submitted by Mark Hatfield.

The Violinist.


Imagine you are a professional violinist or even a skilled amateur with professional training.  One day a friend or acquaintance approaches you.  They ask to borrow a violin.  You know that this person does not know how to play a violin, they’ve never even held one. They explain to you that there is an important concert tonight and they may be expected to perform.  If they don’t do well, their whole life will change for the worst.  Perhaps very badly so.  Obviously it would be no problem to borrow one of yours, perhaps one of the better ones of course.  Certainly you would be willing to help someone in their time of need.


It should be pretty obvious that lending them a violin would not help them and likely be bad for you.  If they attempt to use the instrument they will only look more foolish then they already are and there is a pretty good chance that your violin may be damaged, possibly even lost or never returned.  Who in their right mind would lend an instrument for such a situation.  I would not, would you?  Yet people ask to borrow guns.


Yup, ‘I don’t like the looks of the new guy next door’, ‘I was threatened by my ex-whatever’, ‘Rioting is getting closer’, ‘ If things get bad I’ll just use one of yours’ and on and on.  A gun is an instrument of deadly force, even if some specific gun was intended only for recreation.  Using guns requires knowledge and skill.  Not just technical knowledge of the ‘How to do it’ but the knowledge of how to avoid unnecessary harm or damage from accidents. The use of a gun for defense requires a different addition set of knowledge.


When’s the last time someone asked to borrow your car?  I’ll bet that each of us knows a good number of people to whom we would lend our car if there was some emergency but that we also know people to whom we would never lend it.  What if the person asking to borrow your car might know how to drive, that is, how to operate it, but had no idea what the road signs meant, which side of the road to drive on, speed limits, or even what stop lights and stop signs meant?  Yet people who have never even touched a gun assume that in an emergency they could use one just fine, and they have no clue whatsoever about the legalities involved. Regrettably, this also applies to those people who bought a gun for ‘Just in case’ and it’s been in the closet for the last 10 years.


Don’t be one of these people.  If, no, not if, when you encounter them, gently attempt to educate, though often their resistance to education, truth, and facts is extreme.  And, please, examine your own level of preparedness.

Why I Will NOT Study With TRAVIS HALEY.

Article submitted by Mark Hatfield

Why I Will NOT Study With TRAVIS HALEY.


I learned that he will be teaching in my area, I have the time and the opportunity to attend.  I want to attend but I’m not.  I asked for and received the application.  The problem is, I read it.


Haley seems like a great guy.  I have read about him. I have read interviews of him.  I have seen portions of some of his videos.  He seems to know what he is doing and more important, why he does as he does.  Seems like someone I would really like to study under, however, there’s a catch, the waiver.


Now days everybody wants waivers in case something bad happens, shooting classes, martial arts seminars, parachuting, rafting, hot air ballooning, everybody wants waivers and that’s ok, I sign them, but not this one.


I’ve signed many waivers.  I understand this in our ‘sue anyone for anything’ society.  But this one has two words which makes this waiver different, ‘including negligence’.


Every reasonable person knows that ‘stuff happens’.  Equipment can break, the unexpected can occur, malfunctions happen, even something as a persons feet slipping and their hand reflexively grips tighter on the gun in their hand leading to a shot being fired while they fall and the gun points any which way.  Things can happen.


There’s also the ‘DUH’ moments, the mental slip, the ‘Oh, That’s what you meant’, and sometimes just what some people refer to as ‘brain farts’.


Perhaps an injury or accident is caused because a person did the wrong thing, could be due to lack of needed skill or knowledge, or it was the first response they could think of while under stress in a bad situation.  Could even be due to a reflex movement without any conscious thought.




The ‘Reasonable Man’.


There is a concept in law known as the ‘Reasonable Man’, sometimes as the ‘Reasonable and Prudent Man’.  This is a standard by which ones actions can be judged.  The example is: Suppose you were in some situation and ‘really screwed it up’.  The court would consider: What would a ‘reasonable’ person have done if they were in the same situation.  If a person is injured because someone else did something which a reasonable person would not have done, that can be grounds for negligence.  The waiver for class specifically includes that if you are injured due to negligence, you will take no legal action and hold Mister Haley and his agents harmless.


Think about it!  This includes if some instructor or assistant willfully, knowingly, or even deliberately does or fails to do something which leads to a student being injured, you agree to do nothing and just accept it.


I have seen people get hurt in classes.  I have been hurt in classes.  I have hurt other people in classes.  Luckily never anything serious.  Accidents happen, especially in the various fighting skills.  It is a risk which we understand and accept.  However, the waiver for the Haley Strategic classes changes things so that even if an injury was not an accident, you will just accept it.  Is this also a statement about their own level of care?  Their forms do state that they will use their ‘…best efforts to provide a reasonably safe…’ and we students know and accept that there can be serious risks in classes of this type.  But to demand that students must agree that if an instructor or staff screws up and you are hurt because of it, and it’s NOT an accident, you just accept it, that is not acceptable.


Is it possible this says something about what they consider to be an acceptable level of risk or quality of the instructors?  Or did Haley just let his lawyers get carried away with the paperwork?