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IL Supreme Court: Defends 2nd Amendment Civil right

From the Up is Down/Black Is White file , some good news out of non-other than Illinois for once.

CHICAGO — The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled a woman’s misdemeanor battery conviction can’t permanently prevent her from registering for a state FOID card and owning a gun, and said the right to keep and bear arms should be considered a civil right, on par with the right to vote, under the state’s firearms regulation.

Shawna Johnson pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in June 2001. In 2010, she obtained a Firearm Owners Identification Card, saying a local sheriff advised her she could mark “no” when the form asked her if she had a prior domestic violence conviction. However, she was denied her request to buy a handgun, and the Illinois State Police revoked her FOID card. She then sued in Wabash County Circuit Court in far southern Illinois. A judge ordered her card reinstated, and ruled the state’s FOID law was unconstitutional, as it applied to Johnson.

Justice Mary Jane Theis wrote the unanimous opinion on the ISP’s appeal, issued Jan. 24.

Theis said the question centered on whether granting Johnson a FOID card — which Johnson argued is a proper restoration of her Second Amendment rights — runs contrary to the federal Gun Control Act, which “prohibits the shipping, transport, possession, and receipt of firearms and ammunition by any person ‘who has been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.’”

The justices noted Johnson’s conviction has not been expunged or overturned, and a 2012 gubernatorial pardon application was rejected. However, Theis pointed to a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Logan v. United States for its description of the “civil rights restored” provision, under which the “government relieves an offender of some or all of the consequences of his conviction.” Theis further explained the state’s FOID Card Act has a specific rights restoration provision by establishing an individual hearing process to determine if the applicant is likely to be a public safety concern.

“Federal courts have not had occasion to recognize a state process like that of Illinois for restoration of firearm rights or to even consider whether firearm rights are ‘civil rights’ as that term is applied under the federal statute,” Theis wrote.

She said courts have typically listed three such civil rights: The rights to vote, serve on a jury and hold elected office. She noted Johnson never lost those rights as a result of her misdemeanor conviction.

The State Police argued that because Johnson never lost the right to vote, sit on a jury or run for office, she isn’t entitled to the restoration exception in the FOID law. But the justices disagreed, saying “a limited ‘three rights’ view is not sustainable.”

“Congress recognized that different states have different laws and procedures for restoring civil rights to people and, depending on the conviction, an offender may lose all, none or some of those rights through different mechanisms,”

Who could have seen that one coming?


Wuhan Strain Update 1/27/2020

Latest numbers for the cases of Kung Flu as released by the Chinese government, So you can decide yourself how many 0s to add to those “official numbers”

  • In China there are now 2,744 confirmed cases as of 1200am on Jan 27, an increase of 39% resulting in 80 deaths, up 43%. This is  triple the 916 mainland China cases reported late on Friday. Across the globe, there are now 2,807 confirmed cases and 80 Chinese fatalities, as so far nobody outside of China has died from the disease (that we know of).
  • Some very unpleasant math: in China’s Hubei province where Wuhan is located, epicenter of the coronavirus breakout, there have been 1,423 cases and 76 deaths, resulting in a mortality rate of over 5%.
  • 5th US Coronavirus infection confirmed by CDC in 4 states (AZ, CA, IL, WA)
    • CDC calls the virus an  “emerging public health threat,” adding that the threat is “serious.”
  • Incubation is asymptomatic, contagious, and can be as long as 14 days
  • 5M may have left Wuhan for Lunar New Year
  • 1st case was Dec 1 NOT Dec 31 so infect pop may be much bigger
  • US, Russia, Thailand begin plans for evacuation
  • Premier Li Keqiang charged with leading government’s task force
  • 3 Beijing hospitals using AIDS drugs to treat virus

A friend in Hong Kong told me this morning that one of the major problems is the travel habits of the Chinese for the new year. People from less populated placves travel to the cities. the infection spreads. They get sick and when the holiday is over they travel back to the rural less populated areas and spread it for a second wave of infection, The sick then travel back to the cities for medical help. On top of that is the recent law in HK banning the wearing of face masks because of the protests there. With the local government keeping the mask ban in place and telling them that the Kung Flu isn’t a problem there. Don’t worry. When any government tells you there is no problem, then there is most likely a problem. Adding to that, the HK government is telling anyone infected with the virus to come there and they will help them and waive any charges. As you can imagine that isn’t going over well with some HK citizens.

Protesters threw petrol bombs on Sunday night at an empty public housing complex in Hong Kong that had been earmarked to become a temporary quarantine zone as the city battles an outbreak of the SARS-like Novel Coronavirus.

Hong Kong has declared the virus that first began in central China as a public “emergency” — the city’s highest warning tier — and on Saturday announced ramped-up measures to reduce the risk of further infections.

january 26 virus fanling

Photo: Kero/United Social Press.

Among them was a plan to turn a newly built but currently empty public housing block in Fanling into a quarantine facility.

january 26 virus fanling

Photo: Kero/United Social Press.

The buildings would be used to house people who may have come into contact with carriers of the virus as they wait to get tested, as well as frontline medical staff worried about infecting their families.

Dozens of local residents and protesters opposed to the idea held rallies outside the complex on Sunday, with some setting up road blocks.

In the evening, police said assailants threw petrol bombs at the buildings.

january 26 virus fanling

Photo: Kero/United Social Press.

january 26 virus fanling

Photo: Kero/United Social Press.

Top man Glocks Himself

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) – A Mississippi County sheriff’s deputy was injured this week after a weapon in his possession accidentally went off in a eye doctor’s office, striking him in the groin, according to authorities.

According to an incident report from the Blytheville Police Department, officers went to Vision Care on North 6th Street around 1:30 p.m. Jan. 23 about a person who had shot himself.

The deputy – Matthew Richardson – was at the scene when officers arrived, the report noted. Does that make him the “first responder?”

“Upon arrival at Dr. Johnson’s office, I noticed a white SUV backing out of a parking spot. I made contact with a white female driving and passenger Matthew Richardson, who was bleeding from the groin area,” the incident report noted. “I offered Richardson medical attention, to which he declined stating he could make the ride to the ER.”

Police then escorted Richardson to a nearby hospital for treatment. While there, officers spoke to Richardson about what happened.

“Upon speaking with Richardson, it was determined that he had a handgun in his right jacket pocket. Richardson stated that he was at the business standing in front of the reception desk and put a pair of eyeglasses in his right jacket pocket. Richardson advised that when he put the glasses in his pocket, the handgun went off (discharged),” the incident report noted.

It just went off.. I’m betting the officer may have learned a hard lesson about sticking gun in a pocket without a proper holster. That is if it actually happened that way. Assuming it did, there are handguns out there that have “safeties” that are that in name only. Sticking them in pockets or pouches or anything where any thing could get inside the trigger guard and press against it is a recipe for a negligent discharge.

Richardson told police he started bleeding after the .357 firearm went off. Officers then looked at his jacket and found a very large hole in the right hand pocket, police said. Police also recovered a damaged car key and projectile fragments from the weapon as well. I know some will assume .357 magnum revolver but I bet the deputy’s right nut it was actually a .357 Sig. probably a Glock.

Richardson also told police that they called for an ambulance and that the receptionist at the doctor’s office offered to take him to the hospital.

No one else was hurt.

“It was determined that Richardson is a Law Enforcement Officer and was lawfully in possession of the firearm at the time of the incident.

It has been determined that the discharging of the firearm was accidental. No arrest or citation has been made or issued at this time,” the incident report noted. They investigated themselves and determined they did nothing wrong.

USE. A. Holster.


Wuhan Strain ( Kung Flu) update 1/25/20

  • First nCoV death reported in Shanghai
  • South Korea confirms third case
  • Toronto health officials to announce first ‘presumptive case’ of coronavirus in Canada
  • 1975 Cases Worldwide; 56 deaths (still about a 3% mortality rate)
  • 18 Chinese cities – 56 million people – quarantined
  • President Xi said China faces a ‘grave situation’ as the spread is ‘accelerating’
  • US and Russia planning evacuation of citizens from Wuhan
  • Australia and Malaysia join the list of global nations with nCoV cases, in addition to France, Pakistan, Singapore, the US and Nepal
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping empowered local governments and said teams from Beijing will be sent to severely impacted areas to strengthen front-line prevention and containment
  • The US and France chartered planes to evacuate diplomats and nationals in containment zones
  • The director of the CDC says she expects cases of human-to-human transmission in the US
  • China banned all domestic tour groups immediately and overseas group tours from Jan 27
  • Starbucks and China said they were closing some stores in China
  • Wuhan is building a second emergency hospital, this one with 1300 beds
  • 3 doctors in Beijing who visited Wuhan are confirmed to have the virus

Wuhan Strain Update 900PM 1.24.20

Got some more Wuhan Strain updates for you. I’m sure you trust Dr. Thompson for all your Plague of Doom news. Don’t bother with the main stream media, those useless morons are too busy arguing about bad Orange Man. Check looserounds every day for all your up to the minute news about the pending end of civilization.

New virus-related developments

  • China announces another 15 deaths in Hubei province
  • Total number of confirmed cases now 1,000+, 41 dead.
  • China restricts travel for 46+ million people across 16 cities as the death toll surges.
  • AFP reports that the virus has jumped to Europe, with three confirmed cases now in France.
  • Two deaths have been reported outside Wuhan.
  • Some residents displaying symptoms are being turned away from hospitals.
  • Hospitals in Wuhan make urgent pleas for help and supplies.
  • Beijing orders PLA medics to assist in Wuhan treating patients
  • UK and US governments tell citizens to avoid outbreak zones.
  • 63 suspected cases in US, Senator says 3 confirmed, with two reported so far in Illinois and California, and two suspected in Minnesota

* * *

Update (1700ET): All day we’ve been watching disturbing videos of hospital hallways littered with what appear to be dead bodies, yet the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus hasn’t budged from 26 since Beijing reported the first two deaths outside Hubei yesterday.

Now we know why: As we suspected, the virus has been claiming more victims. But the local authorities, who promised ‘transparency’ in everything virus-related, apparently felt the need to wait until 4 am local time to drop this massive bomb: Another 15 people have died in Hubei as hospitals struggle with severe shortages of nearly everything, including doctors and nurses. That brings the total number of casualties to 41. In addition, another 180 cases have been discovered in Hubei, bringing the total number of cases over 1,000.

The latest figures show that the virus is more deadly than previously thought.

Meanwhile, Sky News is reporting that officials in France have confirmed a third case of coronavirus in the country.

* * *

Update (1420ET): AFP reports, citing a minister, that two cases of coronavirus are now confirmed in France, as the virus officially spreads to Europe. The outbreak will give President Emmanuel Macron a desperately needed distraction from seemingly never-ending protests of his government.

Across China, fairs and other events celebrating the New Year holiday have been cancelled, meanwhile officials in Wuhan are scrambling to try a build a 1,000 bed hospital in Wuhan in under ten – some say five – days. Amid all of the terrifying videos showing what appear to be dead bodies piling up in a hallway in Wuhan (we shared the video below), reports out of Wuhan offer plenty of reason to fret: A previously healthy young man has succumbed to the virus – the first victim who wasn’t elderly or struggling with a serious co-occurring health problem.

Across China, more than 7,000 movie theaters have shuttered until further notice. CNBC reported that this could cost the Chinese box office more than $1 billion. Meanwhile, shares of Netflix rallied Friday on the belief that millions of Chinese might instead stay home and stream – even though Netflix doesn’t operate in China.

We joked about it yesterday, but today it has become a reality: Beijing has quarantined an entire province, with more than 46 million on lockdown across China.

As experts warn that there are probably closer to 4,000 cases in China alone, projections suggest that whatever governments – including China – are doing to fight the virus, it likely won’t be enough to stop a global outbreak.

The WHO is still waiting on making a call, claiming that it hasn’t yet seen enough evidence of human-to-human transmission, despite the fact that this is no longer in doubt. Yesterday, the organization estimated that the Wuhan coronavirus had a Ro rating – a measure of its infectious potential – of 2, making it more contagious than the flu, but less infectious than smallpox.