5.56 Timeline

Thanksgiving Plinking

Went to the range today. Hadn’t shot shotgun in a while and was starting to grow fond of them. A few shots reminded me why I don’t care for them. Low capacity, slow to reload, etc. Still worth having one.

I received a Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun trigger (SD3G) in that Larue PredatAR rifle I talked about recently. I replaced it with a Larue MBT trigger in that rifle. I am going to sell this trigger, but I figured I should it before I do. In the past, when I used a Super 3 Gun trigger (S3G) I found it so light and the reset so short that I was inadvertently getting double and triples when I didn’t want it. That happened with two different lowers, so I quickly got rid of the trigger. Trying this one in one of those same lowers, I had no issues with unintentional bump firing. Geissele’s “3 Gun” triggers are very light, short trigger, and very quick to reset. It makes for a very easy to shoot fast firing gun, but I’d rather have heavier trigger for any gun that I would expect to use for any serious or dangerous work. Still, something like the S3G or SD3G triggers would be perfect for the gun games they are designed for. The S3G has a standard curved trigger, while the “Dynamic” SD3G has a straight trigger.

I’ve started playing around with the Magpul 40 round Pmags. Initial impressions are excellent. They are easy to load, smooth to use, standard Magpul AR15 Pmag excellence. I expected they might be so long as to be awkward but I was wrong. As of now, I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Winchester WWII Victory Series M19 Brass 12 Gauge

Brent Sauer submitted these great photos of the Winchester collectible “Victory Series Ammunition”

Brass shotgun cases predated paper hulls. Because of this there is demand for them for Cowboy action shooters as they are period correct. In wet environments, paper hulled shells did not hold up well, so the military stuck with a brass hull. Modern plastic hulls can deform when left in magazines and tubes for a long period of time, so some people still advocate brass cases.

These brass cases have a much larger inside diameter than the thicker plastic cases. This can cause some issues when reloading them. I’ve heard of people using 10 gauge wads and using wax to seal the cartridges so they don’t have to keep re-crimping the brass.

KS-23 AKA TOZ-123 AKA BFG-1 Shotgun

Over the years when I get caught up with people in discussions about shotguns, I like to bring up the Russian KS-23.

The Russians, having some 23mm AA guns barrels laying around, decide to turn them into a pump action shotgun. Thus the KS-23 was born. Part of the idea of it was to also use it to launch exotic munitions. If it was ever used for that, I don’t know. It is about 6 and a quarter gauge.

What I do know is that the Russian have fielded some of them, and you can occasionally see pictures of their fine men carrying these implement of peace.

While I was telling some people about this shotgun today, I was doing an image search to show them these images, and I learned that a handful of these were imported some years back. Estimates range between 25-50. The imported ones had a longer smooth bore barrel and wood furniture. Named the TOZ-123, they were also called the BFG-1 by the importer. I don’t know what the original price was, but I saw one was sold for $1400 back in 2008. I heard of one selling for $2500 a couple of years ago.

An owner of one put together a video of him talking about it and disassembling it. They were marked 4 gauge, but are really a custom 6.27ish gauge.

Seems kinda silly to just have one of these. I mean, if you are going to have one, wouldn’t you want one for each hand?

Ky Squirrel Hunting V

Last week the weather finally broke and became October weather. Temps dropped down into the high 50s and rained. Saturday started off rainy in the morning then cleared off. Perfect weather for hunting Sqwuaks.

I went into the woods at 300PM and had the first one in my pocket 10 minutes later. The mystery of the lack of activity in the usual Hickory trees was solved. There are more beech nuts than I have ever seen. They LOVE beech nuts. The part of the mountain covered in Beech trees was a slaughter house that day.

From 300PM to 600PM I harvested 6, which is the daily bag limit in Kentucky. After that I had to pack it up and go home and leave the rest. I have never gotten so many in such a short amount of time. The Model 31 Remington is always a pleasure. I took it instead of the rifle since the leaves are still on. But it is getting close to being time for me to finally switch over to the .22 rimfire for the year.

I don’t get railed forearms on Shotguns

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Now I love the Picatinny rail, but replacing a shotguns pump grip with a rail seems silly to me.

First I ask, what are you doing where you need all that rail space? Are there people mounting lights, lasers, VFGs, bipods, range finders, etc on their shotguns? I’m sure someone is doing that, but all the shotguns I’ve seen with tri-rail pump might have a light, or a vertical forward grip. But not much. Certainly not enough to warrant a tri-rail.

Now I haven’t used the Ergo rail that is pictured above. Nor have I used most of the tri-rails on the market. But I no know most cheap rail systems I have used have sharp edges. Part of the reason detractors of rails have often called them “cheese graters”. I can’t imagine that any of these rails are pleasant to hold under a shotguns recoil. But I may be wrong. I dunno. I just can’t imagine it.

It seems to me that a light on a shotgun would be better mounted to the barrel/mag tube.

Image from an expired ebay auction for a ” CDM MOD-C – Shotgun Flashlight Mount

That seems more practical to me. You are not having to rack the light each time you are pumping the action.

I’ve seen people use a vertical forward grip on a pump shotgun. I’ve fired a Keltec KSG with one. Felt awkward to me, but I’m not going to tell someone not to do it. I think that if you wanted a VFG on a shotgun pump, you could screw one right into the existing pump and not have to have all that aluminium rail. Or attach a small section of picatinny rail to the standard pump and attach the grip to that.

Do you really need more rail than that for a light?

Even this thing doesn’t have a tri-rail pump:

Something from Black Aces Tactical. They send out emails with stuff like this all the time. Like almost every week.

Do any of you use a tri-railed shotgun? How do you like it?