A Very Special Van Orden Model 70 and Family History

I told you a week or so ago I contacted George Van Orden, the Grandson of General George Van Orden and owner, operator of...

The Winchester Marksman Stock

Back in the day, Winchester made several rifles intended for target shooting and high power matches at the National Matches. The guns came...

New AirArmsHuntingSA Video Up Today

Matt Dubber has a great new video up today. Full of plenty of precision shooting of pest birds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_XS-iUWvEE

Cuban model AR10

I was fooling around on B-ARFCOM and ran across this interesting post form one of the members. Originally posted by member HHollow It is...

1918 Gewehr 98 Custom Benchrest Rifle

This is a very special custom Mauser 98 shared in the vintage group. I will let the owner explain it himself. NO Bubba got ahold...

Ukraine Snipex T-Rex & Snipex Alligator 14.5mm Anti-Material Rifles

I came across a story today on the 'Defense Blog' website that mentioned two new anti-material rifles from a Ukraine company called Xado Chemical...

NO. 67 Scout Rifle

The all weapons WW2 IG page has tossed up this one. I had no idea this existed. But I am intrigued enough to...

Mauser MKB 39

I been following this IG account that posts weapons from WW2. Some rare and some prototypes etc. Sometimes he posts a lot of info...

Armalite 20 Round Magazines

A collection of original Armalite marked M16/AR15 magazines. I would say if you sold all of those you could buy a new AR15 easily.

Canada Colt C20 Sniper Rifle

I know you are going to get mad at me for teasing this and then not giving you the entire story. I know a...