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Chatter 20190928

Everything is better with an ACOG.

Had a hard drive fail in my personal computer. Making for lots of annoying delays.

I picked up some Zenitco rails for my AK. They are awesome. Also kicked my ass trying to get them installed. Not quite drop in. I’ll go into details some other time. Lots of time was spent with a hammer ~gently~ fitting the parts.

Previously I’ve told people that a FN SCAR rear sight will not work on an AR15 due to height issues. I’ve had several people since then tell me that I was wrong. Not wanting to put out bad information, I found another SCAR sight to give it a try. I was able to zero this one, but the front sight had to be cranked up rather high. So it is possible. I don’t know if there was something wrong with the previous sight I had, or if it was just tolerance stacking, but it was not possible to zero the other one. Still this front sight is high enough I was a little concerned about it coming out while I was making the adjustment. Might be worth running a taller front sight post if you ever run a SCAR rear sight.

Still, now I know it is possible.

Some of the yahoos over at ARFCOM were implying that shooting a M203 one handed would be impossible, or it would be possible, once, as you would injure your self. I’m pretty sure those are the same “experts” that will tell you that a near miss from a .50 BMG will rip a person to pieces, that a .223 round tumbles end of end in flight, and that the world is flat.

I made up some chalk round reloads with blue chalk. At the end of the range session, a very tired and shaky me taped my self firing off a round one handed.

Note the lack of any yelps of pain or nor any sounds of snapping bones.

I was doing a bunch of AK shooting today. Was shooting right handed and feeling like a badass with the rifle. Uber-competent. When I started doing the left handed AK shooting my confidence was put in check. Left shoulder wasn’t used to the shape of the AK buttstock and was uncomfortable. The great recoil control I had shooting right handed was absent while I was shooting left handed. I don’t even want to admit how slow and awkward the reloads were.

Now I know what I need to work on more.

The P80 I built the other day worked well enough. Only issues came from cases sticking in the chamber of the .22 kit. Due to how the threaded barrel is set up on that, it is a pain in the ass to clean the chamber. I must not have cleaned it well enough the last time I used it some years ago.

Look at that terrible left handed iron sight AK shooting. Slow and rapid fire from 7-50 yards. Look at that shot in the hair line and the one the cheek. At least I figure I shouldn’t get worse with practice.

I was feeling pretty cocky after the right handed slow and rapid fire. I should have taken a picture of my first 5 shots slow fire. At 50 yards with the iron sights I engaged a target like the one shown above. I felt all shaky and slow. For the 5 shots I raised the weapon, quickly got a sight picture, and fired. When I inspected my target, 4 of the 5 were in the T, one just outside it. I was feeling pretty good after that.


I’ve designed a 40mm projectile where I would 3d print the exterior, then fill it with wax for cheap weight. I haven’t made any yet, so I don’t know how it will work out. I worry that the 3d printed exterior might not be water tight enough to keep the molten wax from flowing out. I’ll find out.

Lastly, I just learned about the Hensoldt ZF 3.5-26X56 Riflescope. While it doesn’t have locking turrets or any sort of rotation indicator, it still seems like it would be an ok scope. If one of you were thinking about buying me a Christmas present, keep that in mind.

Colt CM16A1 Part 1

The M16A1 is an iconic piece of American history. Easily identifiable by silhouette.

The moment I read that Colt was going to sell a new production run of M16A1 clone rifles, I knew I was going to get one. Then I saw the price and decided I could wait a while. Only 2500 of these rifles were made

Most dealers had them listed for $2500. A few had them closer to 21-2200. I waited as long as I could. When the news came out of Colt pausing civilian sales, I knew that people would go nuts and start to panic. So I went ahead and broke out the credit card and order one at the cheapest place I could find it. I’m very glad I did. I also started digging though all my junk and selling off stuff I didn’t need. Between ordering the rifle and the time I received it, I ended up selling enough stuff to offset the cost. I should have done that long ago.

It showed up at my dealer, in the standard Colt box. Blue plastic wrap instead of the clear I am used too. But I have since then seen that the uppers that are sold separately also wrapped in the same blue plastic.

Also in the box is a Colt AR15 manual, 20 round magazine, black silent sling, and a type 2 3 prong flash hider.

My first impressions. It is awesome. It is the nicest Colt I have ever seen. Everyone I have shown it too has also been impressed by it. Out of the box it was flawless. I’ve been using it, so it is not staying that way.

I’ve been handling and using the Capco A2 I bought recently. I’ve been thinking about how light and handy that is. After using this A1 for a while, going back to the A2 makes it feel like a heavy pig. What a difference.

My first shots out of it made me love it even more.

There are plenty of people online whining about this gun. That it is too expensive, that it isn’t correct, or that the finish is wrong, etc. I’ll address some of those in a follow up post.

Canada’s new Sniper Rifle, the Colt C20.

Apparently this was announced back in May, but we didn’t hear about it until today. Thanks Tomcat_AL200.

Canada has adopted a version of the MARC901 as a sniper rifle. This version has a monolithic MLOK upper and an 18 inch barrel. It also had a LMT DMR stock installed on it.

The Colt Canada site ” https://www.coltcanada.com/c20.html ” says that it is 9.1 pounds.

Colt Canada’s C20, 7.62 NATO, Semi-Automatic Sniper Weapon was developed to support the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) requirement for an Intermediate Sniper Weapon. In third party tests, the weapon provided better precision and reliability than other products available on the market and is now in the process of being adopted into the CAF small arms fleet. The C20 has been tested and proven to all relevant NATO D/14 standards for safety, functionality in extreme conditions, and endurance, having fired 8,000 rounds with no stoppages. In terms of precision, the C20 achieved an average of .66 MOA over 144 five round groups, collected throughout endurance testing. All groups were shot first round cold with suppressor, using 175gr Federal Gold Medal Match ammunition.

That is pretty impressive. Not just cherry picking a single good group, but taking the average of 144 groups.

A couple of notes, Colt Canada says the rifle is available with a chrome lined or non-chrome lined barrel. I’d bet that it is a 18 inch stainless match barrel. Also it appears to have the same ambi-charging handle catch as the C7/C8 rifles, not the new ambi charging handles on the CM901 available in the US. This has the monolithic upper that has previously been shown by Colt Canada. We hear it has a dual ejector bolt, unlike the 901s in the US.

Canada requires their military firearms to be made in Canada, so we are not likely to see this model in the US.

So much for Black Dog Machine .22 Mags

Shawn has long ranted and called BDM products junk. Mine worked, so I was happy with them.

But I hadn’t used my BDM .22 mags for a while. I went to pull them out of storage and I found they all had cracked. One failed catastrophically, and all the other have bad cracks propagating through them.

I paid $35 each for these. I never abused them. What a bad deal.

Put me firmly in the “Don’t buy Black Dog Machine magazines” camp.

Quick Reminder, Gooseneck Mounts Exist

For those of you that still have ARs with fixed iron sights, don’t forget that there is such a thing as a gooseneck mount.

There are a great many surplus gooseneck mounts out there. Some can be purchased for less than $10 shipped to you. I got the one pictured above for $8 shipped to me.

There are a few different heights, not all allow for using of iron sights, but they will let you mount a full sized reflex sight such an an Aimpoint, or Eotech (don’t use an Eotech).

Might not hurt to have one around.