Ukraine Snipex T-Rex & Snipex Alligator 14.5mm Anti-Material Rifles

I came across a story today on the 'Defense Blog' website that mentioned two new anti-material rifles from a Ukraine company called Xado Chemical...

NO. 67 Scout Rifle

The all weapons WW2 IG page has tossed up this one. I had no idea this existed. But I am intrigued enough to...

Mauser MKB 39

I been following this IG account that posts weapons from WW2. Some rare and some prototypes etc. Sometimes he posts a lot of info...

Armalite 20 Round Magazines

A collection of original Armalite marked M16/AR15 magazines. I would say if you sold all of those you could buy a new AR15 easily.

Canada Colt C20 Sniper Rifle

I know you are going to get mad at me for teasing this and then not giving you the entire story. I know a...

The Kalashnikov Rifle & Its Many Variants Used In Vietnam

Shared from the excellent Modernforces website that covers the history of MACVSOG. Lnk at bottom of article. Brief History: The AK-47 is a gas piston-operated 7.62×39mm cartridge...

Winchester Model 70 in 22 Long Rifle

One of the fellas in the Model 70 group showed this ultra rare prototype and shared some info on it. Even I didn’t know...

BSA Sportsman Fifteen

One of the boys over at B-ARFCOM picked up one of these fine BSA rimfire rifles today and shared a bit about...

Playing with the Colt Accurize Rifle CR6724 over the weekend

I don't have much of a point with this post. I was out trying some loads I ran across in an old issue...

Colt Releases Revised AR-15 ‘Carbine’ Line of Firearms

Around August of 2019, the internet came alive with second-hand word that Colt wasn't going to sell their LE-series of AR-15's to civilian...