5.56 Timeline

Remington Model 600

A user on Barfcom picked up a very nice Remington 660 the other day.

The Model 660 replaced the very ugly and despised 600, even though the 600 is known to be an accurate performer. The 600 had a rib on the barrel like a shotgun and that just didn’t go over too well with gun buyers at the time.

Very slick little sporters, they came in a variety of chamberings like the triple duce up to the .350. The bolt handle looks odd to younger shooters but it makes for some fast bolt manipulation. It may remind you of the Model 1917 service rifle. The action from the 600 went on to be used in the Remington XP-100 bolt action pistil. The gun that debuted the excellent .221 fireball cartridge.

If you get one, keep in mind that it is a Remington and there was a recall over the safety in 1979-1980 ish.

Thank you B&T

I had a little problem with the collapsing brace on my APC9K.

I found that when I shot the pistol with the brace fully collapsed it would jam every single shot.

Every single shot the brass would not eject.

I ended up realizing that the right side bar of the collapsing brace did not have the relief by the ejection port to allow for functioning.

So I got in touch with B&T. Talking to the rep, we figured out that my brace was assembled with the right side bar from the APC556/300 model. They send me a prepaid shipping label and under 2 weeks later I got my brace back with the proper right side bar.

This APC556/300 bar had a groove and two notches which are necessary for the rifle, but lacked the relief that the pistol caliber models need.

The correct right side bar has the relief cut out for operation while collapsed.

Unrelated, I like how the B&T collapsible rig has a notch cut out to interface with a grove in the Tailhook brace. This makes sure that everything is assembled straight and true.

I really appreciate that B&T sorted this out quickly and easily. Unfortunately, my gun still malfunctions about half the time when the brace is collapsed. The brass fails to eject and bounces back into the action causing all sorts of stove pipes, brass over bolt, or similar malfunctions. I have only tried this with cheap underpowered steel cases, maybe better ammo would do this. Still, I am disappointed with these malfunctions.

Parts Gun Kaboom

A B-ARFCOM user reported this Kaboom today and there is much discussion on the cause.

I pull the trigger and Kabloooey!!! Shit flying, smoke all over and both thumbs are numb on the pad.  

I look down, magazine spring hanging out, follower pieces on the table.  I checked myself to see if I was bleeding or missing parts. Nope, but my gun was messed up. The door was bent out and I couldn’t get the bolt to go in or out.  Shit, time to go home.  I checked my target, and there were 7 holes, just like there should be, so no problem caused by a bullet stuck in the bore.

All pissed off all the way home. Once there I got the  bolt/carrier to go back easily by poking it out from the muzzle with a metal rod.  The body of the case was still in the chamber.  Then took the buffer/stock off and bolt/carrier came right out. Absolutely NO damage to the Aero lower.  

The bolt itself has a missing lug and the extractor is bent and chipped. The bottom of the carrier that picks up the new cartridge from the top of the mag is completely blown off like somebody cut it with a knife. You can see the bolt in the channel. Holy shit never seen nothing like it.  

The door is wiped out and the bottom of the upper is kind of blown out. I thought possible a broken case in the chamber affected the pressure and blew up my gun.  I was looking for a tool to use to pull out the casing.  As I flipped it over the case fell right out on the floor. The head has a section missing but the front is just fine and in good shape.  I cleaned out the chamber and bore and everything looks just fine.

I honestly thought it was a bore obstruction, but now it looks like I might have a discharge when the bolt was not in battery, like not all the way forward.

That shit really shook me up. My thumbs were numb for an hour, and it took me a few minutes to realize what just happened.  If it fired out of battery, how the hell did that happen. All I can think is that the carrier got damaged during the previous (6th)shot. And when I touched off the 7th shot the damaged carrier parts came apart and let it hit the primer before it was in battery.

First time for everything.