5.56 Timeline

L Company Rangers, 101st Airborne , Vietnam

One of my vet friends on facebook shared this picture of him ( center bottom) in Vietnam. The team is a LRRP Team, then later renamed Rangers, in the 101st Airborne Division. In February 1969, all US Army LRRP units were folded into the newly formed 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger). The team wearing complete sets of ERDL dates the photo as later war.

The initial Ranger companies formed in 1969 were: “A” V Corps, Fort Hood, Texas; “B” VII Corps, Fort Lewis, Washington; “C” I Field Force, Vietnam; “D” II Field Force, Vietnam; “E” 9th Infantry Division, Vietnam; F 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam; “G” 23d Infantry Division, Vietnam; “H” 1st Cavalry Division, Vietnam; “I” 1st Infantry Division, Vietnam; “K” 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam; “L” 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam; “M” 199th Light Infantry Brigade, Vietnam; “N” 173d Airborne Brigade, Vietnam; “O” 3d Brigade, 82d Airborne Division, Vietnam; and “P” 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), Vietnam. Before this date all of these units existed as “LRRP” companies. Each member attended the Special Forces ran RECONDO school.

Guns Of Delta Force IV

This is a great pic from History Chronicles on instagram. He has a lot of great rare photos of Delta Force over the years. Some neat old configurations on those carbines in this one. You can see the early use of round carbon fiber FF tubes and lower power variable optics.

You can smell this picture ( Depending on your age)

I know I can. Just looking at that I can smell those empties and the way the inside of the nose tingled. Last time I fired paper shotgun shells was 1988. I had a single shot 10guage shotgun and the only thing I could find for it for months was a couple of boxes of Winchester paper hull shells. I wanted a 10 so bad for some reason back then. I used it to squirrel hunt with if you can beleive that. The stupid youngster’s desire for the most power you can get. Now use a 16 guage exclusively for all my shotgun hunting uses.