5.56 Timeline


I stumbled across this website while looking for something else last night. Being Generation X means I was one of many that grew up during the cold war and remember it. Nothing makes a mark in the old grey stuff like going to bed every night wondering if you will hear the sirens going off in the middle of the night or if you will hear the ICBMs as the detonate across the country before the one aimed at FT Knox turns you into a walking corpse that glows in the dark. The good old days. I do miss them though. Anyway, the topic is evergreen for me since I never really left the 1980s.

www.coldwaroutpost.com looks to be relatively new judging by the amount of content and the visitor count. It has some great pictures from Europe during the cold war and from both sides of the potential battlefield. Furthermore if you were one of the guys manning the Fulda Gap or sitting in a missile silo, they want to hear from you. It seems to be aimed at collecting the stories from as many involved as it can get.

Above are some godless commies pouring out of the back of some godless commie contraption or other. The BMP? I’m sure some one will let me know. It seems I read years ago that the BMP was a real game changer for transporting troops. It was some what of a new concept or at least a bunch of good ideas put together into a great idea. I’m not military vehicle guy. Again, this is one of those times we are all going to wish Kevin was alive to tell us all about it and link us to some old website detailing it in Russian that none of us can read. I try to give you some of that old experience but no one will ever fill those shoes. Maybe Kirk can step up on this one for us all.

Here is something I know too much about. We got some guys wearing the OG-107 uniform, which believe it or not, is the longest serving uniform the Army ever had. Replaced by the Woodland M81 BDUs. Regular leather combat boots and steel helmets int he Mitchell pattern reversible cover. Green leaf on one side and a brown patter on the other. M16A1s and a M1911 in the leather M7 shoulder holster. Web gear is still the M1965 used before adoption of the ALICE system. No idea about the vehicles.

Go check the website out, it is full of great pictures and info on units and countries involved and growing. Maybe even tell them we sent you.


SOG Radio Relay Site For Command & Control South

Here is a special treat for you guys today. I am friends with a fairly big number of SOG vets on the old FB since I am a long time student of SOG history. One of the many great things about interacting with these guys is when they share pictures never before seen or published anywhere formally. One of the shared these photos a couple days ago.

It’s a radio relay site for CCS operations. This is the part of the unit that made cross border operations into Cambodia, code named Daniel Boone.

Delta Force guns over the years Part 2

Back by demand.

Above is a well known picture of Delta force acting as body guards during the first gulf war. The carbines mostly seen at that time was the Colt 653.

Here we have some more carbines with the older Aimpoint red dot sights mounted to the carry handles.

A picture from Somalia. You can see the 653s, the Aimpoints and Surefires mounted to the barrels.

Above is well known firearms trainer “Shrek” with his G3. Interesting mount for the eotech on it. There are also pictures of him using a FAL set up similar while in Afghanistan in the early months.

This is one I meant to mention yesterday. Around this time the Knight’s MRE rail was used. No idea how popular it was but several pictures show it in use by a few different delta guys. This was the KAC rail that free floated the barrel , left the factory colt front sight in place , and extended out past it a few inches. Again we see the lower powered variable scope that delta pioneered and is now common, I *think* this is the S&B shortdot, a scope more or less made just for them on request.

Below are going to be pictures of the early front grip /flashlight system that was cobbled together and custom made back before factory solutions came out.

It looks like it consists of a cut down grip. a surefire light and mounting bracket for the rail with the surefire pressure pad and PEQ2 switch.

Here is a picture of a more evolved version.

Above is Kyle Lamb in Iraq with his custom M4 with the smooth FF tube. He has talked about this at length before but I can’t recall where to find it or exactly the details. You can see he still favors a longer FF smooth tubular HG on his carbines to this day.

Finally we have one of the famous Custom M1911s that used to be a signature weapon of Delta Force.

Some Delta Force Guns Over The Years

There is an instagram account called Historichronicles that is devoted to posting pictures of guys in Delta Force from over the years. I don’t care much about that so much as the very cool glimpse at the guns they used over the years. They really were the cutting edge over the years that spurred development in a lot of ways. For the military anyways, because they got most of their development ideas from the civilian competition world in a lot of cases. This still continues to this day. You can see some old ideas in some of those pictures. Ideas that seem crude now but evilved into things we see today like the low magnification variable optics on M4s and free float hand guards.

First up I thought I would show this picture. It’s the much over rated H&K 416 of course, but the point is the damage. Hit during a firefight, the round destroyed the laser and etotech. I call that a close call.

Above is a good example of what I was talking about. A smooth F tube meant to make a slicker set up, free float the barrel and give a longer hand guard. I have no idea what model this tube is other than I *think* its from KAC.

Above is Larry Vickers. Larry is the inventer of the finest AR sling know to man, The Vickers Combat Application Sling sold by Blue Force Gear. This is from the 80s and you can see Larry’s ow famous carbine set up with the hose clamped on flashlight on his pre M4 Colt carbine. A lot has already been written and said about this particular carbine all over the internet already. Larry even made a youtube video about it not too long ago.

Above is a Delta sniper assaulter with a KAC 7.62 precision AR with a lower powered variable optic.

Another delta sniper rifle from KAC.

I had more pictures but for some reason my old dilapidated laptop lost them. If you guys liked this let me know and I will gather up some more for a part 2

5.56MM Duplex

I got these pictures from the excellent Colt Ar15 Resource facebook group. Below you will see three original boxes the 5.56Mm duplex rounds. The ammo is loaded with two projectiles in each case. The idea being it increases your chances of a hit. When fired on full auto the idea was to double the amount of lead in the air. The ammo was intended to be use in one of the project rifles. Obviously it didn’t go anywhere.