5.56 Timeline

Rock Island Arsenal Museum Hybrid SMG

This is an interesting gun. Rick Island Arsenal Museum showed this gun today,

Its so odd that even they have no idea bout its history and have asked for help via the video the above screen shot it from.

They do know it was developed by a LTC Hamilton while he was stationed in Panama. That’s about it. They don’t even really know if this was developed for testing or some program or anything. They do mention the gun is a combination of several pre existing guns. You can see the M3 “grease gun” mag well and ejection port. They say the rear of the receiver is a home made affair.

Some USMC Unertl 10X Scope History

The invoice for a 10x Unertl USMC sniper scope from Unertl. The optic was purchased in 1984. Check out that price. The idea of paying 1,097.42 dollars for an optic in 1984 would be met with bug eye stares or loud laughter from the vast majority of people.

The purchased optic mounted on its home. The plywood box below is what John Unertl shipped his optics in. The cardboard box on top of it is what the scope was in and placed in the wooden box.

Above are the tools that came with the optic for adjusting the objective lens. Those flat pieces of metal went into the objective end. The wrenches are for the adjustment turret for elevation.

Vintage Ammo Boxes

One of the only few good reasons to stop in small gun and pawn shops in the country is that you run across stuff like this.

“Full box” as opposed to buying shells individually or partial boxes like shops would sell back in the day.

I miss the good old days when boxes for products where colorful and vibrant and caught the eye.