Glock Maritime Spring Cups

Standard spring cups on the left, maritime spring cups on the right.

There is a great deal of misinformation about Glock’s out there. From the ridiculous like it being made out of porcelain to it being the ultimate underwater weapon system.

I saw a claim stating that the Glock is the only pistol able to fire underwater because of the reduced friction from the polymer frame. Laughable.

Many firearms will work underwater with a few conditions. First there can not be air trapped in the barrel as that can cause catastrophic failure. Water will slow the fall of hammers and the movement of parts, so weapons with weaker or less reliable ignition systems may fail. Hollow points and similar expanding ammunition may cause failures by trying to expand in the barrel when fired.

There have been various documented tests out there showing 1911s, Revolvers, and other firearms functioning fire under water. Most of the times you hear about firearms blowing up from water in the bore it is because the firearm is out above the water while water is still in the bore.

That is not to say that firing underwater isn’t dangerous. Shooting is dangerous to begin with. There is more that can go wrong under water, and since liquid is effective incompressible, the noise, shock, and blast from the shot carry far better than they do in air. That means that the blast will be far worse on your ears and rest of your body.

You can find videos of people firing rifles underwater. That gets a little more complex. Similar thing, it is air in the system or bore while underwater that can cause failures when the gun is completely immersed. Or water in the while when it is taken out of the water. There is plenty of discussion and information about weaknesses in the AR15 design for over the beach use. Funny thing is there is a story about a guy who completely immersed his AR15 and was having no issues shooting it underwater. It was only when he pulled it back out of the water that he blew it up.

But I am getting off topic. Point is, most guns will work under water, but it is not ideal.

At the request of some group or another, with a Florida police department usually getting the credit, Glock designed modified spring cups for maritime use. These are not necessary for using the Glock under water, they simply exist to aid in reliability if there is water in the striker channel.

Now there is a cost to them. A set of maritime spring cups would run you 10-20 dollars and about 5 minutes to install them. These maritime cups have less material, and may fail sooner or be more likely to fail than the standard spring cups. I haven’t ever heard of a set of maritime cups failing, but it is possible.

It can be a little hard to find factory Glock brand maritime spring cups. Plenty of unscrupulous dealers will buy aftermarket connectors, maritime spring cups, etc and claim that they are factory Glock parts. I had some “Glock 3.5 Lb connectors” that causes reliability issues. I later found out that one of the aftermarket companies (maybe Scherer?) had a run of defective connectors. When I later bought more Glock minus marked connectors, those looked different and had no issues. Unfortunately the dealer I used to trust years ago went out of business. Went or jail or something that. Maybe I shouldn’t have trusted them either.

I live in an environment with a good bit of water so I choose to run the maritime cups. I needed some more so I shopped around for a while and saw several reviews of people claiming that the ones they received were aftermarket. I finally found a dealer that had great reviews and bought from them. Unfortunately the ones I received just came in a unlabeled zip lock bag, so I question their origin.

Buyer beware, I suppose.

Discussion on starting guns, continued. . .

The other day I wrote about what I would buy if I were starting over. Article here.

Some people have complained about that article, and seem to think that I am telling them to buy what I would buy. That the stuff I talked about is too expensive, etc. I never said you need to buy a Colt 6945 and set it up EXACTLY the way I have mine set up.

I NEVER said you need this gun, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live with out one.

That write up was about what I would buy if a fire or hurricane, etc destroyed my collection. For example, one bit I omitted, I love my M203. I wouldn’t recommend it as a serious gun for anyone (unless you have a source for HEDP). I find mine so very fun that it would be one of the first guns I’d order a replacement if mine were destroyed in a disaster or lost in a boating accident.

If you read that last article, you now know what I would be ordering if I was standing in a gun shop with an insurance check right after a tragic disaster.

When people ask me what guns to buy, I give the same answer. Colt 6920 with an Aimpoint PRO and a Glock 19.


The quote above was the very second paragraph in that previous article.

Let us think about this for a moment.

If someone who has no guns, suddenly for what ever reason, decides they need/want a gun. That is a complicated situation. “Why?” becomes the important question. If they are only interested in hunting cape buffalo, the advise for them would be very different than someone who is in fear of their life because of a local gang.

Generally it is our assumption that someone is going to buy a firearm for two main reasons. Protection of life & liberty as well as for the fun and joys of shooting.

Most any firearm can be fun to shoot, but not every gun is a good choice for self defense.

I always recommend the Glock 19, but plenty of other Glock models are available at good prices used. J&G Sales has used Glock 42s for $350. Other vendors have G22 for $270, G23s for $340. There are some LE trade in Gen 3 G19s for $380 shipped to your dealer, that includes 3 magazines. The .45 GAP model Glocks are nearly being given away at $260 or so.

Why a Glock? They work, and tend not to be fucked up by previous owners. There are less people taking files to the guts of the Glock than their 1911, Highpowers, etc. They are common and extremely easy to service. There are a great deal of cheap Beretta 96 .40 cal hand guns out there, but if a novice has a mechanical issue, it is so much harder to work on.

Someone out there is going to advocate some C&R or surplus gun like a CZ82 , PA63, or a Star/Lama, etc. Now some of these guns are great guns. Some of them have broken and sitting in a box for five decades. You are still generally talking at least $200 for many of these, and if it breaks or doesn’t work it you might not be able to get replacement parts. Many of these old blued steel guns can rust easily and require more maintenance than a Glock. Maintenance that a novice or spend thrift is not likely to do.

I could go on and on. If someone can buy a used Glock for $300, isn’t their life worth that cost?

They are still going to need to get some ammo, some training, time to practice. Buying a gun is just a very small part of the process of defending ones self and others.

Now once they have that Glock, they need to buy a Colt 6945 and set it up exactly like mine, the one above. Just joking. From the self defense side of things, many would not have need of a long arm. It irks me when people recommend a pump shotgun to the novice for home defense. While the shotgun has nearly countless merits, it is larger and heavier and most importantly a two handed weapon. Watch a novice holding a bad guy at gunpoint with a shotgun while trying to use their cell phone to contact the police. It is a mess. A shotgun will not easily be able to use it in a compact car to defend ones self. The point I am trying to get to is that a pistol is handier and most importantly, concealable. For the person worried about self defense that only has one gun, a pistol is what makes the most sense in our modern society.

There are tons of cool things out there, and plenty of cheap stuff out there, giving countless options. There are many good choices out there, but a used Glock handgun is just a very simple, less expensive, and easy way to get off on a good start.

Noveske Taking Marketing Tips From Highpoint?

In the current fad of exploitation gun marketing pioneered by PSA, Noveske has now apparently tried their hand at appealing to youths.Or anyone with an ironic sense of humor I suppose. Not to be outdone by the “yeet canon” produced by America’s most respected gun maker, Noveske now gives us the “ghetto blaster”.


Their new pistol AR offering I am sure will sell well to the Noveske devotees. What do you get for your $2,550.00 yankee green backs?


     Length– 7.94” 5.56 or 300BLK with 1/7 twist 

     Gas Block– Lo-Pro, .750, pinned to barrel

     Barrel Extension w/extended feed ramps

     Flash Hider-Q Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brake

Upper Receiver

     Model– Gen 4 precision machined billet receiver from 7075-T6 w/extended feed ramps featuring anti-rotation interface with handguard

     Finish– Hardcoat type III anodizing, with Cerakote ceramic coating (Armor Black, Sniper Gray, or Bazooka Green) 

     Charging Handle– Noveske Marked Geissele Super Badass Charging Handle 

     Q Bolt & Carrier Group

Lower Receiver

     Model– Gen 4 precision machined billet receiver from 7075-T6 featuring ambidextrous controls  Ambi bolt release, Norgon Ambi magazine release, and Ambi 60 degree STS safety selector

     Finish– Hardcoat type III anodizing, with Cerakote ceramic coating (Armor Black, Sniper Gray, or Bazooka Green) 

     Trigger– Geissele SD-E

Handguard (options)

 NHR-7” (Keymod or M-LOK) Free Floating Handguard


Stock-Q PDW Pistol Brace

    Grip- Magpul K2


  Magpul MBUS Pro Folding Sights

     One 30 Rnd. Magazine

Yeah, I’m not its market, Never have liked or cared about anything Noveske makes. They never impressed me personally. But to each their own. I’m sure it will work fine, and it has some nice features. But if you think this is the ultimate solution to some gap in your battery then it’s your lucky day. It even comes in 300Blk Out! ( AKA 300whisper, AKA 7.62×39 slightly improved, AKA 30-30WCF with match bullets)

Take Down AR Pistol & Side Fold Brace

Me old pal recently decided to put together a couple of AR pistols (EVIL!). These things have been popular in the extreme the last few years since the introduction of the brace. I been kinda indifferent on them myself for no particular reason. The idea of a SBR carbine without the governments heavy had does hold some appeal though.

He didn’t just slap a brace on a pistol lower and normal SBR upper. He went all the way with the idea.

As you can see, the pistol uses the popular brace that allows adjustment for length on a mil spec receiver extension ( or “buffer tube”) with the Law Tactical side folding adapter. which so far has really impressed me. The barrel, gas tube and rail attach via a Pantheon Arms set up. The barrel and rail insert then rotates to lock into place.

Law Tactical side folder in open position

Above you can see the Pantheon Arms take down barrel attachment system. If you want a take down AR it’s a pretty slick set up. No tools required and it can be done in a few seconds.

Like I said earlier, the brace is full adjustable for length of..arm. The lever locks it in place and it has a QD sling swivel socket.

Once taken apart, the pistol and the Magpul 60 round drum will fit inside ths 5.11 bag below.

It’s a compact set up.