5.56 Timeline

NOS Swenson Extended Safety

This is something you aren’t going to see often. Another series of photos of some custom gunsmithing history. This is a never used extended safety made and sold by A. Swenson. Courtesy of our pal Karl Beining , custom gunsmith extraordinaire. www.KGBcustom.com. Karl has had this in his own collection and refused to let me have it.

Swenson started out making these by hand but later had them produced out of casting. This is one of those later “mass produced” type safeties if your keen eye detected signs of casting, you are correct.

US Marked Hi-Standard

The owner gives a few facts on it’s history-

A High Standard .22 in a Model of 1918 holster. Issued by the navy in WW2 but only to crews of destroyer escorts/tenders. Not issued to other crews of other vessel types, don’t know why they were issued at all.

The very well respected Hi Standard .22 pistols are known to be accurate and high quality. The gun would go on to be even more well known for its use as a “hush puppy” by special forces troops. The pistols were suppressed and used to eliminate sentries, dispatch K9 trackers, kneecap NVA in Laos for capture and probably even shooting rats in bunkers.