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Glock 43X & 48 Vickers Tactical Floor Plates

TangoDown® Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to the lineup – the Vickers Tactical™ Floor Plates for GLOCK® 43X and 48 (VTMFP-008).  The expansion of products for the latest editions of the Slim Line models wouldn’t be complete without floor plates.  The VTMFP-008 offers the same features as all of the floor plate series (ie. VTMFP-001, VTMFP-002, etc.).  The floor plates offer flared finger scallops which offer more purchase area allowing for easier manipulation while wearing gloves.  If you already added the Vickers Tactical™ Floor Plates to your other GLOCK® firearms and love them, you’re sure to love these as well.

Fits GLOCK® factory magazines for models 43X and 48 ONLY


For more information on the VTMFP-008, visit: tangodown.com/vickers-tactical-9mm-glock-floor-plates-for-g43x-g48-only

Customer Questions:  sales@tangodown.com

**Installation by a Certified GLOCK® Armorer or Gunsmith recommended.

Officer Shooting, Glock Malfunction

Skip to 6.50 to get to the relevant part.

Never mind the guy had no weapons in his hands and didn’t “move his hands towards his pants in a furtive manner”..lets not bother with that today..

No, instead notice how the cops Glock had a serious malfunction and stopped dead after one round. I would LOOOOOOOOOVVVVE to tease you glock guys about that. Believe me. But I’m not going to because the glock is not a factory glock. Its one of those pimped out glocks with all he bells and whistles and all the crap a glock doesn’t need.

This is great because it’s something I been saying for years. Take a 500 dollar Glock that works perfectly, spend $5,000 on it getting it all tricked out and gunsmithed on just to make it not as good as it was as a 500 dollar plain factory glock.

Another point is, I would not have re used the same magazine after a malfunction if I had the usual 2 to 3 more loaded mags like most cops carry. The mag may have been the problem as it usually is. Clearing the malfunction just to put the most likely problem back in the gun is not a great idea. Luckily for him he didn’t have to find out. I am not even going to bother with his execution in clearing it..

Glock 44 Problems

Some rumblings going around that the new .22 LR Glock 44 isn’t doing too well.

And here is another one that had an oopsie.


And Another..

And another..

I think I would wait a while before I bought one of these if you are thinking about it. And if you do get one, have good eye pro.


PSA “Glock ” / PS9 DAGR

Looks like the PSA glock frame is actually a PSA glock for all intents and purposes. This is the start of something I have talked about on and off over the years that is, in another 20 years will the the generic term “glock” be associated with any pistol that looks like a glock but not be nearly as reliable or quality.

Price will start at $299.99 yankee greenbacks.