Tactical Distributors Tiger Stripe Shirt

Yea, after getting that OTTEE gear Aloha now tiger stripe shirt I ran across this one. Yes I did have to buy it and boy I’m glad I did. It’s pretty great.

The pattern looks great. It’s not an exact copy of known Vietnam ear tiger stripe but it’s close enough that it caught my eye. The colors are great in it.

The wood buttons are a nice touch.


Year of the Tiger Stripe. We are celebrating TD’s 10th bday this year and adopted the Tiger Camo pattern as our signature print for our Anniversary Collection.  This is a cotton/Spandex button up cut for an athletic fit yet has the stretch you need to keep moving. Great for a cover shirt or for Saturday night. 

  • Logo Tagged Chest Pocket
  • Cotton Spandex
  • Tiger Stripe Print
  • Wooden Buttons
  • Athletic fit
  • Lightweight Stretch
  • 51% Cotton/45% Poly/4% Spandex

It fits great. Do NOT get it in a size bigger because it says “athletic fit”. It would have been more accurate to call it tailored fit. It hides my full size 1911 perfectly but isn’t so loose it makes you look like a slob. Well I always look like a slob but you probably don’t.

The material is very cool and comfortable. I recommend this one over the Aloha Now shirt. Not only is it about 75 bucks cheaper, it’s more comfortable and cool. Cool and is body temp. The Aloha now shirt is still cooler for style points in my opinionation.

“Less Than Perfect ” Hank’s Belt Arrived

The gun belt I bought from the Hank’s Belts LTP sale arrived today. These belts are advertised as “less than perfect” but I was hard pressed to find the flaw.

That little bit of black dye leaking over to the brown part is the only thing I could figure.

These belts are great and I encourage you to get one at the big discount they got going on right now. They have all colors and all styles up on the sale not just thins one belt. I’m sure you would find something you ‘d like there. I would hurry though.

OTTE Gear Aloha Now Tiger Stripe Shirt

If you remember back during SHOT show, and lord knows that seems like a decade ago now, I saw this short from OTTE gear and wanted one bad. I finally got mine.

It did not disappoint.

First I want to show you the detail easy to miss. Made into the tiger stripe pattern are references to the Vietnam war. The “flowers” are of course explosions. You can see the Hueys and scout choppers.

Until I got the shirt in my hand I didn’t notice the B-52 and F4 jets dropping bombs.

It’s not as yellow as the sun on it makes it seem in the picture. It is slightly tailored so I ordered it a size bigger than I needed to help with CCW. I could have ordered my normal size of medium and been fine though. If you wear medium, size M and L will fit you pretty good but get M if you like that more tailored look. The site has a size chart that will help you figure out which you want if you decide to get one. Shirt is top quality and I mean that. ’nuff said.

Bawidamann x OTTE Gear’s 2020 Collaboration: Aloha Now Tiger Stripe

Bawidamann spent over a year from concept to completion perfecting this pattern which commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Apocalyse Now.  His journey took him to many places, real and imagined, including the archives of the Wright-Patterson AFB National Museum to locate an original ADS Tiger Stripe garment. Where he ended is with a sublime interpretation of Tiger Stripe that will be a definitive classic with hidden details from the Vietnam war – Hueys, F5s, B-52s, & River Boats.

  • 100% Cotton, 2-ply 100s
  • Made in Portugal
  • Real coconut shell buttons attached with a reinforced stitching
  • Shirts have been garment washed therefore shrinkage after home wash will not be significant

There was a mix up over shipping. OTTE was amazing with customer service over it though. I don’t think I have ever had a company do more to make sure things were right than OTTE did. Normally I wouldn’t even mention something like this but their handling of it was so impressive I was touched.

John Wayne Dense Tiger Stripe From Moore Militaria

My pal Trey Moore at mooremilitaria.com has come out with a new reprp of original Vietnam war era tiger stripe. This time in the version of tiger stripe that is the most popular and well known. It’s name given by collectors is “John Wayne” for the reason it was the pattern JW and the other actors wore in the film The Green Berets.

John Wayne Dense Tiger Stripe Set. These are the classic “advisor” pattern and are the “Anglo” cut with US Sizes. True to originals, these are more slim fitting than many of the repros on the market. This run is part of a limited partnership and available solely through us in the US. These have incredible detail including color, medium to heavy twill fabric, dish buttons, green thread, and simple ink stamp for size in garment. Shirt features two double button chest pockets, left sleeve cigarette pocket, hanger tab in neck, and a gusseted double button cuff (C2B-EXP-3P1 style). This is the classic John Wayne pattern as seen in the movie, The Green Berets. Sleeve lengths and inseams are “regular” length. Trousers feature two rear bellows pockets and two thigh bellows pockets with double buttons. There is also a small single button “cigarette” pocket on the lower left leg. There have a chrome HAMA zipper and one button at the top closure. Green thread construction and no take up tabs at the waist. (ZIP-7P1 style). Sizing Note: Please note that the measurements given are the actual measurements for the waist and chest

I have bought a lot of stuff from Trey over the years and all of his reproduction uniforms are top notch. If you ever wanted a set of this stuff and didn’t want to pay 5,000 dollars for a real set that is only big enough to fit a 10 year old boy, now is your chance.