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John Wayne Dense Tiger Stripe From Moore Militaria

My pal Trey Moore at mooremilitaria.com has come out with a new reprp of original Vietnam war era tiger stripe. This time in the version of tiger stripe that is the most popular and well known. It’s name given by collectors is “John Wayne” for the reason it was the pattern JW and the other actors wore in the film The Green Berets.

John Wayne Dense Tiger Stripe Set. These are the classic “advisor” pattern and are the “Anglo” cut with US Sizes. True to originals, these are more slim fitting than many of the repros on the market. This run is part of a limited partnership and available solely through us in the US. These have incredible detail including color, medium to heavy twill fabric, dish buttons, green thread, and simple ink stamp for size in garment. Shirt features two double button chest pockets, left sleeve cigarette pocket, hanger tab in neck, and a gusseted double button cuff (C2B-EXP-3P1 style). This is the classic John Wayne pattern as seen in the movie, The Green Berets. Sleeve lengths and inseams are “regular” length. Trousers feature two rear bellows pockets and two thigh bellows pockets with double buttons. There is also a small single button “cigarette” pocket on the lower left leg. There have a chrome HAMA zipper and one button at the top closure. Green thread construction and no take up tabs at the waist. (ZIP-7P1 style). Sizing Note: Please note that the measurements given are the actual measurements for the waist and chest

I have bought a lot of stuff from Trey over the years and all of his reproduction uniforms are top notch. If you ever wanted a set of this stuff and didn’t want to pay 5,000 dollars for a real set that is only big enough to fit a 10 year old boy, now is your chance.


Ripple Sole Boots

I really want to like Ripple Sole boots.

Ripple Sole on the right, standard tread on the left. The Ripple Sole boots were clean before wearing them for one day.

Part of the claim of them is that they will put a spring in your step. I dunno about that, but they do seem to reduce fatigue for me.

But. . . and there always is a downside.. . . they accumulate crap in those grooves. In the military, when I wore them, we always got into mud, and my boots would hold what felt like an extra 20 pounds of mud on them. Just walking around one day with them on I find the grooves packed with crud. Now, there is a simple and super effective way to get all that gunk out. Just walk on the carpet in your house. It will all transfer to the carpet.

These soles can give you extra traction, but only in one direction. Not much help when you are walking down hill. I found out yesterday that they provide very little traction on a wet tile floor. I was sliding around like I was on ice skates. Pure luck I didn’t fall.

Compared to standard treads, these can sometimes make significantly more noise.

I was tempted to start this post with “I hate them and you should hate them too.” But I don’t really hate them, I just find that every time I wear a pair the cons out weigh the pros.