5.56 Timeline

Blue Force Gear Lightweight MOLLEminus Belt


POOLER, GA (January 16, 2020) — Blue Force Gear’s absolute dedication to Lighten the Load™ for the warfighter has led to the development of a state-of-the-art, fully MOLLE-compatible belt system that – incredibly – weighs just half as much as competing brands, and with a static load rating of 3500lbs (15.5 kN). Intelligent design, proprietary ULTRAcomp laminate and valuable feedback from elite professionals all contributed to the success of this belt system, one we are very proud to bring to market.

“Our new Lightweight MOLLEminus® Belt is the result of many months of focused design work and nearly daily interaction with our SOF customers. We listened intently to their evolving needs and the MOLLEminus Belt is a product of that synergy” said Stephen Hilliard, Director of Product Development for Blue Force Gear. Constructed using Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp® laminate – a layered composite material – coupled with other technologically advanced components; the MAB is set to revolutionize how the modern warfighter carries their first-line kit.

Some innovative features include ULTRAcomp® laminate and composite components that are cut on a bias to provide custom-fit-comfort right out of the box. A lanyard “hard-point” at the rear of the belt is positioned for greater safety should the user depend on the restraint feature, and a matching inner belt is laser perforated for increased breathability and comfort. All this, and the Lightweight MOLLEminus Belt still comes in at only 0.65lbs for the inner/outer belt system (size 32).

The composite material sandwiched between the layers of the outer belt provide more than sufficient stiffness to carry a sidearm, plus mission essential loads without affecting overall comfort, or compromising the stability of the system.  

Lastly, the MAB is Made in America of Berry compliant materials and will be available 4th quarter, 2019.  

For more information, technical specs or to view video demonstrations of Blue Force Gear products, visit us at www.blueforcegear.com

ATF Leather M1907 Slings

I know this week has been a flood of press releases from Propaganda& Press Departments for SHOT show. It won’t last much longer, I promise. SHOT show week is a chore for me as much as it is for you. That in mind I wanted to take a minute to tune you into a company not at SHOT that makes something I get constantly asked about.

At The Front is a company here in KY (I have no association with them) that makes repro WW2 gear used by the US and German military. They are meticulous in making as good a copy as the original often using original material. The relevant product today is their leather M1907 Sling.

These are excellent, I use them myself and they get my seal of approval if my opinion means anything to you. I have had one for 2 decades at least. It only gets better with age. It is about 80 bucks but you are going to pay that much for any real quality leather sling.

“American made reproduction of the M1907 sling used in both world wars and Korea. This is the World War 1 pattern, made using blacked brass hardware and brass rivets. We make these in our own shop in central Kentucky using American veg tanned leather from Hermann Oak, tan linen thread and exact reproduction hardware. This is as close to a brand new sling from 1917 as one can find.
Marked “Kirkman 1917”.

Natural color leather? Yes. When brand new, military issue slings were light tan, nearly white. Collectors refer to this as “in the pink”- which refers to the color- not a dirty joke. Original slings still in said condition today fetch enormous prices.

Just like the originals, our slings will darken quickly with just exposure to sunlight and use- a little neetsfoot oil will hasten the change.

Black brass? Yes. The brass parts were given a dark lacquered finish, commonly called “japanning”. As the slings were used, this gradually wore off leaving the exposed brass as seen on most original slings today.

Fit? These are designed for the M1903 Springfield rifles and later used on the M1 Garands of WWII. They are also seen on BAR’s and Thompson submachineguns. They are 1.25″ wide and will generally fit most rifles with swivels of that width.

Made in USA “


They make a lot of neat stuff, even if you don’t want the sling check them out.

Remington Model 700-CP ARMBRACE

I still ain’t sure what to make of this .

Huntsville, AL – Engineered for drilling big game, varmints, steel silhouettes and targets from a couple football fields away.  Built around the Remington 700 bolt-action and chassis system, the Model 700-CP gives hunters and shooters an accurate and compact platform for backcountry hunting and long-range competition where the targets may be set at 300, 500, 700 yards and beyond.  The legendary Model 700 action provides the industry’s fastest lock time (2.5to 3.0 milliseconds), which minimizes the effects of shooter movement meaning greater shot-to-shot consistency.  Bringing Remington bolt-action pistols to the modern age, the Model 700-CP’s Remington Chassis comes equipped with a collapsible SB Tactical arm brace and a M-LOK free float handguard.  The forged aluminum chassis is lightweight, extremely durable and allows for AICS pattern detachable magazine and many accessories.

Key Features
• Remington 700 Action
• Light contour carbon barrel, Cerakote black
• 10.5” barrel (.300BLK) 
• 12.5” barrel (.308 WIN/6.5CM)
• Over-sized bolt knob
• Threaded barrel (5/8 x 24 TPI) with thread protector
• M?LOK Compatible Free Float Tube
• SB Tactical SBA3 Arm Brace, collapsible
• 10 round Magpul AICS pattern magazine (.308WIN/6.5 CM) or 10 round MDT magazine (.300BLK)
• One-piece cantilever Picatinny optic rail
• X Mark Pro adjustable trigger, set from 3.5-5 lbs at the fact