Great new video from Matt Dubber this morning


Combat Shotguns of the Vietnam War

A pretty decent video on shotguns used in Vietnam. I could nitpick him, but I will save that till next week.

Officer Shooting, Glock Malfunction

Skip to 6.50 to get to the relevant part. Never mind the guy had no weapons in his hands and didn't "move his hands towards...

Video: Texton Next Gen Squad Weapons

Try not to injure your self laughing:

Night Vision Hog Slaughter

Yea two videos in a row today. Sorry about that. The Buckey O'Neill article that 3 people will read tops, took a...

Germany 1945: Restored film footage by George Stevens

15 Original color film recordings of the U.S. Army show various cities and locations in Germany after the surrender in 1945. The pictures were taken...

Machete Wielding Man In L.A. Police Shooting.

2 Many takeaways from this video. The police should have shot this guy long before he had an officer on the...

InRangeTV: HK416 Mud Test

5 InRangeTV did a mud rest on the HK416/MR556 and the rifle did not do very well. So this video it making it rounds...

China vs Russia vs USA recruitment shorts