S&W M625-S Mountain Gun

Today from Karl we have this S&W mountain gun with extra grips.


I had to double up today with the daily post from our friend Karl ( www.KGBcustom.com) He's shared so many nice guns this...

1946 Remington Model 81 Woodsmaster

Today we have a beauty of a Model 81 Woodsmaster in .300 savage.

B&T APC9K with telescoping Tailhook brace

When pistol braces first came out I thought there were a pretty stupid gimmick. I was wrong. I'm sold on them now....

Some JC Higgins Pistols

These beauties belong to one of the fellas on the vintage page. I never been much of a fan of JC Higgins guns...

Tom Dornhaus, Pachmayr Combat Special and Bren Ten

supervel Seemingly strange bedfellows, what would unite a Pachmayr Combat Special and a Bren Ten? The same man perfected both, Tom Dornhaus. Tom worked for...

Marine Model Luger

supervel We call it a Navy Luger, the Germans called it a Marine Model, but it’s the seafaring version of Georg Luger’s iconic pistol and...

1951 Colt Officers Model Special

Today from Karl, www.KGBcustom.com, is this Colt Officers Model in .38 special with test target and box.

Seecamp Combat Mini Conversion

custom_handguns Combat Mini Conversion. These were done mid 1970's as an attempt to make the first custom 1911 subcompacts. They show off the Seecamp DA...