Ruger Scout Rifle

Today from Karl we have some pictures of the Scout Rifle from Ruger ( ugh ). Karl seems to be a fan...

The Firing Position of Carlos Hathcock’s 2,500 Yard Shot

A lot of people have read the book and even more have heard some version of the story of Carlos Hathcock's 2,500 yard...

Gone plinking

Did a little shooting this morning. Top rifle is a Colt AR6951 with Aimpoint PRO in Wilcox mount. ARMS 40A2 rear sight,...

Some Government 1911s coming out of storage

Don't expect much out of me today. Will be standing in line to vote here in a bit. Tonight I am sure everyone won't...



Colt Factory 9mm Conversion Kit For M1911

Another conversion for the 1911 from Karl today, This one for humiliating your 1911 by making it fire 9mm. Will God forgive us for...

Colt Model 1917

Today from Karl ( is this Colt model 1917 made in 1920.

1877 Colt Sheriff’s Model “Thunderer”

Our pal, Karl bought himself this nice 135-year-old Colt. I am very jelly because I have always wanted one of these though not...

Full Custom Chopped Remington Rand

Karl Beining Back in the dark ages, before the internet, and long before the current crop of viable pocketable automatics. . . Gunsmiths with...