1946 Remington Model 81 Woodsmaster

Today we have a beauty of a Model 81 Woodsmaster in .300 savage.

Colt Mid-Range National Match

Today Karl from KGBcustom.com has blessed us with this beauty. A 1960 Colt 1911 national match Mid Range, the .38Special 1911 for use...

Seecamp Combat Mini Conversion

custom_handguns Combat Mini Conversion. These were done mid 1970's as an attempt to make the first custom 1911 subcompacts. They show off the Seecamp DA...

1945 Remington Rand M1911A1

Today from Karl at www.kgbcustom.com we have this very high serial number Remington Rand 1911A1.

1938 Colt National Match Swartz Safety

Colt National Match with adjustable sights, Swartz safety, factory nickel finish and checkered walnut grips. The Colt factory letter says it shipped with the...

Colt 6921 Upper

Last month, there was a sale on Colt 6921 uppers. Since I absolutely don'tr need any more AR uppers, I bought one anyways. The...

Marine Model Luger

supervel We call it a Navy Luger, the Germans called it a Marine Model, but it’s the seafaring version of Georg Luger’s iconic pistol and...

1944 Colt Model 1911A1

Today is this excellent 1944 Colt from KGBcustom.com.

1951 Colt Officers Model Special

Today from Karl, www.KGBcustom.com, is this Colt Officers Model in .38 special with test target and box.

1918 Gewehr 98 Custom Benchrest Rifle

This is a very special custom Mauser 98 shared in the vintage group. I will let the owner explain it himself. NO Bubba got ahold...