Custom ’78 Colt Gov Model

Today from we have this 78 Colt that was customized using quite a bit of King's gun parts.

Colt Gov Model Classic Super .38

Today from Karl and is this new 1911 Classic in Super 38.

Colt 9mm MKIV 70 Series Govt Model

Today from Karl at With Colt's introduction of the 9mm MKIV 70 Series Govt Models in 1970, serials starting at 70L01001 in Dec 1970...

1877 Colt Sheriff’s Model “Thunderer”

Our pal, Karl bought himself this nice 135-year-old Colt. I am very jelly because I have always wanted one of these though not...

KGB Custom KGB 45 Classic Two Tone KGB0013

Today from Karl is this full custom 1911 made by Karl himself.

Colt Government Model 1911 Classic

Today from our pal , Karl at, we have this beautiful stainless Colt classic. You can thank me for sending Karl that Colt pistol...

S&W Model 686-4

Today from Karl is this nice 686.

Stainless Colt Competition Series 9MM 1911

From Karl at, today we have a rare new guns. This one a Colt competition series 1911 in 9mm.

Ruger .45 Bisley Model

Today we have this Ruger from Karl. I am no fan of Ruger pistols myself. I don't they have ever made an attractive...

Beretta 92Eh1

A change from the normal subjects we get from