2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad

Two out of three is pretty good, Too bad the Glock jammed or he probably would have went 3 for 3.

Brass Knuckle CCW Legality

I posted this picture on the LooseRounds facebook page the other night and got talking with a couple of friends when they mentioned my...

Proper wear of Hard Armor (with anatomical diagrams)

Originally posted by Panzerr on ARFCOM . It is a good time to review this again. This is often a misunderstood topic so I thought...

Gun handling for survival

By BurnedOutLEO Things have gone pretty crazy this year. A lot of violence and rioting. Also a lot of firearm sales and I...

Update. Image From Self Defense Incident Yesterday

I'm sure most of you have seen the video I posted yesterday of the guy airing out one of the commies that attacked...

Video Of Man Defending Against Antifa Attackers


Cop In Brazil Kills 4 Armed Robbers

This video is amazing. A legit Brazilian ,Top Man takes out four robbers all by himself in some crazy CQ fighting....

Full Auto Self Defense – The Gary Fadden Incident

Level 6 - Lethal ForceGary Fadden was a salesman for firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch. On February 24, 1984, he and his fiancé were...

Kids these days have it good regarding CCW Options

By Louis Valdes When I started carrying CCW. This did not exist yet. When I first started carrying, the Clinton AWB was still in full...

Something To Think About

I have seen I don't know how many movies and read books when soldiers, or police or whatever, have a lethal armed threat in...