Review: Leupold Freedom Black Ring RDS 1x w/Mount

Guest post from Brent Sauer, check out his website Leupold Freedom Black Ring RDS 1x w/MountBDC-Matte-34mm1- MOA Dot In January of 2019 Leupold announced the...

Review: Mantis X10 Elite – Shooting Performance System

BLUF: The Mantis X10 system is a sensor that you attach to your firearm that you use with a smart phone app that...

The Colt M1991A1

In 1991, Colt introduced the new M1991 pistol. Which was just a 1911 with a new name. The gun was meant to be a...

Unertl 10X Sniper Scope Turrets

Ton go with the post from yesterday about the 10x Unertl optic used by the USMC for the M40, M40A3 and the M82 Barrett....

The 10 X USMC Sniper Unertl

Guest post submitted by Darren.

John Wayne Dense Tiger Stripe From Moore Militaria

My pal Trey Moore at has come out with a new reprp of original Vietnam war era tiger stripe. This time...

Mossberg Shockwave

My friend bought one of these and dropped it off yesterday so I could try it out. If you have been living...


Arfcom User N_Parker posted a great review on the STRIBOG SP9A1 So I took the plunge into the unknown and purchased a Stribog...

Unertl Info Database

There has been a lot of interests about Unertl lately. A lot of places keep asking for links to the articles I have...

Winchester Model 70 Heavy Varmint

From the late 90s into about 2005 Winchester sold a heavy barrel varmint/target rifle called the "Heavy Varmint." These guns were the post 64...