Thoughts from the range

Went to the range yesterday, shot my B&T APC9K with the Glock lower for the first time. Also shot a SCAR with silencer....

Review: Leupold Freedom Black Ring RDS 1x w/Mount

Guest post from Brent Sauer, check out his website Leupold Freedom Black Ring RDS 1x w/MountBDC-Matte-34mm1- MOA Dot In January of 2019 Leupold announced the...

Unertl 10X Sniper Scope Turrets

Ton go with the post from yesterday about the 10x Unertl optic used by the USMC for the M40, M40A3 and the M82 Barrett....

The 10 X USMC Sniper Unertl

Guest post submitted by Darren.

Unertl Info Database

There has been a lot of interests about Unertl lately. A lot of places keep asking for links to the articles I have...

Aimpoint LRP Mount

I had an Aimpoint T-1 laying around I wanted to use on the B&T APC9K. But I needed a mount to use. ...

Understanding the USMC new ACOG reticle

The Marines started using a new ACOG reticle in the Squad Day Optic (SDO) on the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). That optic...

How the Israeli’s use the TA31i ACOG

Previously I wrote about the TA31i ACOG that the Israeli's use: Quick recap, it is a 4x ACOG with a different reticle than...

Bonus Mini Optic Tool of the Week: Troy Sight Tool

I had debating posting this up and seeing if anyone could guess what it was, but as far as I know, there are less...

Optic Mount of the Week: Scalarworks LEAP/MAG

Previously I talked about the Samson Aimpoint 3X magnifier mount I had. It was a minimal viable product. Sharp edges I cut...