Colt’s New Lightweight Commander Part 1

The   of Colt light weight Commander  has been  around for a long time.    It was the first major variant of the M1911 that...

Magpul MS1 Sling

In the past, I hadn’t ever paid a whole lot of attention to the Magpul MS series slings for a variety of reasons. I’m...

AR6951 part 2

Previously I posted about the all fucked up Colt AR6951 9mm AR15 I received from the scammer David Smith of "Daves Guns" AKA bulletknife...

KirchComp Kydex Gear / Update: Out of Business.

Update: Out Of Business 6/29/2014 Unfortunately it seams like KirchComp is out of business.  Several members of Loose Rounds have tried to purchase and get...

John Wayne Dense Tiger Stripe From Moore Militaria

My pal Trey Moore at has come out with a new reprp of original Vietnam war era tiger stripe. This time...

Surefire 60 Round Magazine Full Auto Test

Since the surefire 60 round mags have came out a few years ago I have been doing some long term testing of them.  They...

The 10 X USMC Sniper Unertl

Guest post submitted by Darren.

SCAR-H Review & Long Range Test

Since the SCAR-L and SCAR-H came on the scene and touted as the next best thing  I was skeptical to say the least.  Even...

Accuracy Testing the Colt M45A1 MARSOC 1911 ( Part 2 Review)

  Part 1 review   Over the weekend I took the Colt MARSOC  M45A1 out for its maiden voyage.  This was something I had been very excited...

First thoughts on the Aimpoint T1 iO Cover.

The plastic iO covers for the Aimpoint T1 are shipping.  This slips right on an Aimpoint T1 and offers a front and rear lens...