New address

Our little blog now has the address  Our old address: also work.

Check and Recheck your gear.

Always be sure to check and recheck your gear.

Thoughts Magpul DVDs

PART I Now that the magpul DVDs have been out for a while and it seems everyone has seen them, I have noticed a few...

On muzzle devices

We have a multitude of wonderful options in muzzle devices now for our rifles.  However I have been seeing some odd trends that disturb...

Ruger SR556

Got to shoot a Ruger SR556 last Saturday.  Recoil was smooth and pleasant, the narrow railed hand guard felt nice in the hand.  However when I field...

Lesser known holster that should not be

I would like to start the blog off with a short write up of a small company I found out about a few months...

Hello world!

It is funny that WordPress would name the default starting post "Hello World!".  I had been a computer programmer for a few years before...