Infantry Weapons & Effectiveness In Korea Part 2

In the first part of the series, I quoted from  the study on infantry weapons in the Korean war and some of the lessons...

Civil War Star Arms Model 1858 Double Action Army revolver

KGBCustoms You suppose the guys issued Double action Starr Revolvers during the American Civil War thought it was an amazing advancement or thought it an...

The Los Baños Nurses’ Letters

If you have never heard of the nurses captured by the Japanese in the Philippines you really should look in to it. It is...

S&W Model 41 With RDS

Nicely setup Smith 41 Target 22LR, wearing a Burris Fastfire, its kind of like cheating.-Karl

letter about price increases from a major firearms wholesaler.

From a member of B-ARFCOM I edited part of it out but this is one of the big guys that supply gun stores. Enjoy…

Investigating Missing Details In the Democrat’s $3.5 Trillion Anti-Poverty, Climate Plan

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, Let's go over the nebulous details of the $3.5 trillion Democrat plan for America. What's in the Plan? $726 billion for...

Captain Richard “Beeboo” Russell, Sky King

Yep. It's that time of year again. The day we salute Richard Russell, AKA "Skyking". Three years ago an average Joe...

Heinie Custom Series 70 Colt

Nice Heinie Blaster built on a 70 Series Combat Govt. I had the honor of doing some work to, including hand checkering over the...

Jerry “Mad Dog” Shriver Bio Coming Soon

The books is going to be first offered at the Special Operations Association annual meeting, the hopefully available to everyone else after.

Infantry Weapons & Effectiveness in Korea (Part1)

I have been reading a US Army study on infantry weapons and us in combat during the Korean war. The study gathered its data...