Vickers New AR15 Guide

Larry's new expanded edition of Volume 1 of the AR15 guide arrived today. You may notice the name of some one familiar in...

General Edward Porter Alexander ( Part 3)

0 Three General Officers died in the attack on Cemetery Ridge. Generals Kemper, Garnett and Armistead. The last two being long time friends of Alexander's....

Detonics Scoremaster

From Pistol_purview instagram The Scoremaster was the full sized evolution of the better known Combat Master, which was a pioneer gun. Detonics was a...

A Couple OF Classics

These two handguns belong to friend of the website, Timmy B. After seeing my AMT Hard Baller he shared these classic with us.

Model 1910 Self Loading Rifle


Talk Of “Unity” Is Both Hypocritical And Delusional

Authored by Gary Galles via The Mises Institute, In Joe Biden’s address after being declared president-elect by news organizations, he promised to be a leader...

Mark Bando’s 101st Airborne History Website

These diabolical devices were mostly constructed of wood, with a lid and a box, containing a spring loaded detonator and a small block of...

General Edward Porter Alexander ( Part 2)

Part 1 The battle plan for July 3 was a straightforward product of the strategic mind of R.E. Lee. It called for a simultaneous...

Remington XP-100

Above is a very nice Remington XP-100 bolt action pistol. You might recognize the action as being very much like the Model 600. Well,...

Winchester Model 12 Turned Into HD Shotgun

There are some neat gns out there still to be had. Some need a little bit of work to turn them into something...