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Gun Sales Surge In October As 2020

So, no big surprise here. Election season always ramps up the gun buying. We all recall the absolute insane levels of panic buying during the obama years. Every time I think about those numbers and the ones in the article below I think about the mind set of the communist in the democrat parts that want to try restrict the RKBA. The staggering amount of elitist hubris it takes to see those numbers and still think they will do this with no consequences boggles the mind. Truly they live in an alternate reality and we have nothing in common with these people. We can not continue to exist side by side with them in this country in peace for much longer, It’s only a matter of time before they push it too far. And they willo have no one but themselves to blame

Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times,

Nearly 11 percent more guns were sold in the United States in October than a year ago, according to newly released data.

Roughly 1.2 million guns were sold this October, a 10.8 percent increase from Oct. 2018, according to Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (pdf). The firm also estimated that about 1.1 million guns were sold in September, another increase of almost 11 percent from the same month last year.

The arms industry observer said it expects sales across 2019 to reach 14 million, past the 13.8 million guns sold in 2018 but below the estimates of 14.7 million sold in 2017 and 16.6 million sold in 2016.

“Sales have definitely been brisk, especially of small concealable handguns. We also saw a spike in sales of tactical rifles like AR-15s and AK-47s, for which I think we can confidently thank Beto O’Rourke,” Justin Anderson, marketing director for the North Carolina-based Hyatt Guns, told the Washington Examiner.

O’Rourke, a former U.S. representative from Texas, shouted on the debate stage over the summer “hell yes” when asked if he’d seize guns if elected president. O’Rourke later dropped out of the race, but other candidates have said they’d focus on gun control, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who has proposed banning 9-mm handguns, a popular handgun that’s used by numerous law enforcement agencies.

It seems to me that Biden is preying upon the ignorance of his base by making such a ludicrous suggestion. Black Friday looks to be a huge day for the gun industry, building on what is already a record year for sales. In addition, with so much competition in the marketplace, retail pricing is as low as I’ve seen in over a decade. My message to consumers thinking about buying a gun: Pull the trigger!” Anderson told the Examiner.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks with the media after touring the W.H. Bagshaw Company during an exploratory trip in a Jan. 29, 2019. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who just joined the race, is also known for his gun control advocacy after founding the group Everytown for Gun Safety.

Jurgen Brauer, Small Arms Analytics’ chief economist, told Fox News that he doesn’t think the rhetoric from Democratic candidates “will be the overwhelming contribution to increase sales this season,” but suggested it could boost sales next year.

“These Democratic candidates hashing it out amongst themselves, there is a bit of talk in the industry and among firearms owners for what this may augur for next year or thereafter,” he said.

Mark Oliva, director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told Fox that prospective gun buyers would be aware of the looming 2020 election and the possibility a Democrat championing gun control could win.

“We’re seeing a lot of talk about people, presidential candidates or state governments wanting to severely restrict rights … Some have called for outright confiscation of guns and firearms. People are seeing that their rights are under attack … They start to make sure that they can buy the firearms that they want while they still can,” he said.

“[In] 2015, 2016 firearm sales went through the roof. It wouldn’t surprise me if we start to approach … that again if we continue to hear the rhetoric that we’re hearing.”

AMD-65 In The Vietnam War

In 1971 the RVN with support from US troops launched a limited invasion, spoiling attack in to Laos. The purpose was to disrupt the ability of the PAVN forcing to operate the Ho CHi Minh tail and stage their spring offensives into South Vietnam , much like the previous invasion into Cambodia.

While in Laos this AK variant was recovered. Whats the big deal? Well. These were very rarely seen in RVN during the war. The AMD is a Hungarian made version of the AK. Designed for armored troops and paratroopers with its folding stock and shorter barrel.

Of course this wasn’t the only one to turn up in South East Asia.

Above, Pat MacGrath of IUWG Unit-3 holds an ADM.

Below is a picture of Donald Ramsey of Recon Team Delaware, MACV/SOG firing an ADM at the range.

How they got there? No doubt communist forces received them via their normal communist supply routes. SOG no doubt had them as part of their giant inventory of foreign untraceable weapons for use on cross border missions. The restrictions on US weapons was relaxed after a few years, but some teams still preferred to carry the same weapons of the enemy for a variety of reasons. To disguise their profile long enough to get an upper hand, to be able to use the enemies ammunition, to disguise sound signature, to leave combloc empty cases on the ground to make it harder to track them after a chance encounter firefight etc.

Virginia’s Dark 2020

If you come here often you know its very rare for us to talk about gun laws and politics relating to that. We recognize it is important but also that you can get that commentary in about 100 million other places. So we like to give you a few minutes a day on the toilet you can escape it and have some peace. Today is one of the rare exceptions to that general rule. For those of you who live in VA, your betters in the state gov have prefiled what they got in store for you for next year.

My advice is either to move or boog.

Here is senate bill no.16 that is the ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines, etc. as expected, there is no grandfather clause


You will also notice amongst the rest of the bills prefiled today that one of the things they are looking to ban is the carrying of weapons in Capitol square…so this would be the last lobby day where you can carry


It is every bit as bad as we had feared

Even a shotgun is a prohibited assault weapon if it has a pistol grip or has a tube that hold more than 7 rounds

I didn’t see any enumerated time period, so if it passes as is you have until July 1 to sell, move out of state, turn in, destroy, or otherwise render inoperable any prohibited items.

My guess is- they’re going to make one hell of an example out of the first groups of people they catch, then after that I predict subsequent people found in violation will be offered a plea deal for probation and a fine, at the cost of pleading guilty to a felony.

They win twice with that- no longer able to own guns and no longer able to vote.

If you notice, they’re allocating funds for increased incarceration due to these new laws as well, which kinda says they are NOT fucking around, and they WANT to send good people to prison.

Something those of with NFA items may want to consider – My guess is they’ll use the copies of Form 4s for suppressors and SBRs sent to VSP for the CLEO notification requirement, and they’ll have probable cause for a search warrant and go make visits to check for “compliance”. They don’t even need to get them from ATF, tho I’m sure ATF would happily give them to VSP.

As suppressor =/= threaded barrel, which according to this absolutely draconian law, is an instant Felony if it’s on a handgun with a detachable mag.

With the end of the Decade approaching, what has been the gun or gun accessory of the decade?

Another interesting question popped up on the old B-ARFCOM the other day. The poster asked the question above. This really got my gears turning because a lot has happened since 2010. Howard and I discussed this for a good hour Friday night and both came to the same conclusion. He was originally going to write about it but I think he forgot but I’m sure he will add to this later.

First lets take a look at what the BARFCOM user offered up as what he thought was the most influential.

What do you think has been the most important, innovative or game changing thing the firearms community has seen since 2010?

Some random stuff I thought of:

300 Blackout
Binary triggers
Pistol braces
SilencerShop Kiosk (made attaining suppressors very easy for many people)
E-File Form 1s
Freedom Files/ 3D printed firearms
Delta P Brevis 3D printed suppressors
Magpul D60 (reliable drum mag)
Geissele Super Precision mount
JP Silent Capture Spring

Some of this stuff may have already been around, kinda hard to tell sometimes.

What are your suggestion? (other than beowulf X

Ok so , no offense to the original poster but most of those are dumb.

The 300 blk out has been around since the 90s under its real name ,the J.D Jones made .300Whisper. It’s also not really all that game changing.

The MLOK is certainly in the running. There is a real trend of going to the thinner more streamlined FF hand guards and away from quad rails. Personal opinion on the phasing out of the rails aside, this is not going to reverse.

Binary triggers. I’m not even going to humor that suggestion.

Pistol Braces. Now we get to it. There has been a super nova level explosion in use and popularity of the pistol brace. It has given people the ability to have a not-SBR that essentially gives you the same flexibility and compactness. And look how far the designs of the braces have come? We went from a rubber deal that wasn’t easily adjustable to something that acts just like a REDACTED. We haven’t really seen anything that has opened up more potential for users than the AR15 pistol brace.

The 3D printed stuff certainly has been a huge step forward but has not hit the wide appeal and use of the pistol brace. That may change int he next 10 years depending on a few factors that make politicians nervous.

Suppressors have had a huge jump in popularity, but they have been around a very long time. And while lots of hardcore gun people use and own them, they are not “mainstream” enough compared to the pistol brace. If they were not NFA items them that would have been a different story.

The D60. No. That is abusrd.

The rest of the list reads just like the OP’s favorites. Not realistically in the running.

As for guns, I don’t think any thing has come out in firearms to be distinct enough and new enough to move the needle much. The Ar15 pistol goes along with the brace. The two rose together.

Let us know what your vote is for. It doesn’t have to be anything listed already and hopefully Howard will edit his thoughts in this evening.

Hong Kong Revolution 11/18/2019

A lot of big news from HK over the weekend as you may have noticed. The HK police stormed the University late last night. I’m not even going to try to compile it all togehter, the HongKong free press has it covered pretty well.

what is this if not a revolution?

Hong Kong police entered the campus of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in the early hours of Monday following violent, day-long clashes around the site in Hung Hom on Sunday.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

The police action took place at around 5:30am, with multiple arrests reported and ten people hospitalised since Sunday.

fire November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

Most of Sunday’s clashes were concentrated around the bridges connecting to the campus, as well as the intersection outside the school’s main entrance. Protesters had been occupying the campus and setting up defence lines for a week, in keeping with a larger plan to mobilise a citywide strike and class boycott.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

Protesters on campus set fire to projectiles, claiming that they were defensive moves to block police from advancing. On Sunday night, multiple explosions were seen on the bridges.

"November 17" police arrow leg Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Photo: Viola Kam/United Social Press.

At around 1am, protesters hurled Molotov cocktails at police along Chatham Road South. Officers responded by spraying water cannon at the group, prompting more Molotovs to be hurled at police.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Viola Kam/United Social Press.

At around 1:24am, Owan Li – a student representative on PolyU’s university council, – said in a press conference that police had blocked all of the entrances to PolyU, preventing anyone from leaving the school.

“As far as I know, people on campus are panicking, with some people feeling powerless about not being able to leave. We hereby urge everyone in society to help us save our university campus,” Li said, as he became visibly upset.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

The unrest spilled over into Jordan. Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

Also present at the press conference, PolyU’s Student Union President Derek Liu said that police were using unequal force and “weapons” to prevent anyone – including staff members, medical personnel and members of the public with the intention to help those in need – from escaping.

"November 17" Polytechnic

“I don’t want another 8964 to occur in Poly U.” Photo: Kero/USP United Social Press.

“We extremely regret that police undertook the arrest operation. We absolutely do not wish to see another June 4 [1989 Tiananmen Massacre] event taking place in Hong Kong, or even at PolyU, our second home,” Liu said.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

At around 2am, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong Joseph Ha, several pro-democracy legislators and PolyU staff members approached the entrances of PolyU and requested to speak to the commanding officer. “Many young people inside the school want to leave. We want to see what we can do to help,” Ha told the officers on the scene.

Police shone strong light back at the group and told them to leave immediately: “Back off now. This is a warning.”

Ha said that the group spent an hour trying to enter PolyU from three locations but the police rejected their requests each time. He expressed hope that the police would distinguish between those who had broken the law and those who had not when taking action.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Protesters are treated following tear gas exposure. Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

Civic Party lawmaker Kwok Ka-ki said that pro-democracy lawmakers had been trying to contact high-ranking officials but to no avail. He said that if the police fired live shots against protesters, it would be the “reenaction of the June 4 Tiananmen massacre” and there would be no hope in terms of deescalating the conflict.

Live shots fired

Several live shots were fired at around 3am near a Jordan Road intersection outside the campus.

According to RTHK, protesters said that a person who was injured was refusing to use an ambulance because there were two police officers inside. The broadcaster said that demonstrators surrounded and shook the vehicle, throwing bricks, glass bottles and Molotovs inside.

Police later said that protesters were attempting to take away a 20-year-old woman who had been arrested at the intersection of Nathan Road and Jordan Road. Police said that an officer fired three shots but they believed that no one had been hit. The force condemned the actions of the protesters.

At 4:23am, the Hong Kong Social Workers’ General Union said on Facebook that two social workers were arrested when they attempted to approach PolyU’s Lee Shau Kee Building from outside – the police had promised earlier that anyone who wished to leave PolyU could do so through the building. The union said that the two social workers wanted to verify whether the location was indeed safe for those inside PolyU to leave, but they were arrested near the building after officers told them that anyone without a press pass would be detained.

firefighter November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

At around 5:30am, riot police entered the grounds of PolyU, arresting people inside and pushing back the protesters’ defence line.

Stand News cited sources on the ground as saying that riot police entered the space designated for patient care and arrested those injured as well as first-aid responders. A video apparently filmed at 6:33am in the office of a PolyU doctor showed bloodstains on a hospital bed, a desk and a drawer.

A handwritten note saying “Sorry!! We needed to escape to your office because riot police are charging by surprise. I am very sorry and hope you will understand. Sorry.” was left on the desk.

‘Dispersal operation’

Police said that officers did not “raid” the campus of PolyU, but carried out a “dispersal and arrest operation” after “a large gang of rioters” hurled petrol bombs at officers and set fire to objects.

“Explosives, flammable substances and dangerous goods also pose threats to anyone therein. Police appeal to anyone inside Polytechnic University to leave immediately,” the police said in a Facebook statement at 6:16am.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Jimmy Lam/United Social Press.

At around 6:40am, PolyU President Teng Jin-Guang made an announcement in a video: “I have been communicating closely with the police since last evening. We have now received the assurance of police of a temporary suspension of the use of force, under the condition that if the protesters do not initiate the use of force, the police will not initiate the use of force.”

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Tam Ming Keung/United Social Press.

“In addition, we have also received permission from the police for you to leave the campus peacefully, and I will personally accompany you to the police station to ensure that your case will be fairly processed,” Teng said.

PolyU issued an emergency statement earlier calling on students and staff to evacuate the campus. University management appealed to students to stop the violence and exercise restraint, adding that the school’s facilities had been seriously damaged.

November 17 18 Polytechnic

Photo: Inmediahk.net.

As of 10pm Sunday, the Hospital Authority said that 10 people were hospitalised. One of the injured is in serious condition while five in stable condition. The remaining four have been discharged.

A police officer was hit with an arrow earlier on Sunday.

"November 17" police arrow leg Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Photo: Galileo Cheng.

On Tuesday, the police stormed the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in a similar manner. Multiple students and journalists were injured, with a South China Morning Post photojournalist being reportedly grazed in the head by a projectile.

CUHK, the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong have announced a premature end to the fall term, while other universities suspended classes last week