Range Report: Tula Ammo

    While Tula Ammo is providing the same performance an the old Wolf Ammo, Tula doesn't seem to be held to the same quality control...

An aside.

Four-Feet I have done mostly what most men do, And pushed it out of my mind; But I can't forget, if I wanted to, Four-Feet trotting behind. Day after...

Carrying is a great responsibility, live up to the challenge.

Duncan Larsen AKA FailureDrill-P099 submitted this article. Carrying is a great responsibility, live up to the challenge. During times of great tragedy there is an opportunity to...

Looserounds is on Facebook

If you like looserounds and you have a facebook account ( who doesn't ?) go on over to the looserounds facebook page and like...

TaskForceDagger.org raffle.

www.taskforcedagger.org/ is having a raffle for a good cause.  Prizes include an AR15 and an ACOG.  Tickets cost a dollar each.  Go check it out.

More Things to do With the ACOG case

The Pelican case ACOG models like the TAO1NSN come in have a variety of uses. Another use is holding  five 30 round USGI AR15...

LoneWolfUSMC on using a rear mono-pod.

LoneWolfUSMC posted a video on YouTube explaining some of the benefits of a rear mono-pod over a bag.

Range Report: S&W M&P15 QC

The S&W M&P15 has become very popular due to its low cost and availability.  My personal experience with owning one was that my M&P15R...

The USMC M40 Sniper

The USMC decided to replace the Winchester model 70/Unertl combination  in late 1965  due to the recent changes to the M70 from the  pre...

A Quick Look At a Few New Products

LooseRounds has some pictures of a few new guns that are not easy to find. First the Colt 6920 with FDE anodizing. The carbine comes with...