Suppressors and Smoke Alarms

I stumbled across this video on youtube.  Fireman1291 demonstrates firing a few suppressed handguns inside a house.  I never would have expected that the resulting smoke...

Reliability is not always reliable

Over the past weekend ,I and some other looserounds staff  went out to do some more T&E of gear and  guns to write about....

Abusing the Accurate Rifle

We all love accurate rifles. Col. Whelan  famously said "Only accurate rifles are interesting" and we all love that gun that can shoot little...

On Handgun Malfunctions

Shawn and I asked Mark Hatfield to comment on a malfunction training issue he had. On Handgun Malfunctions Once upon a time I was in a...

Optics Planet Thermal giveaway

Optics Planet is giving away a FLIR thermal imager.  Sign up at this link for your chance to win.

September 11

We have not forgotten.

Range Report

An odd issue, the round managed to slide forwards and the large rim of the 7.62x54R held it in place in the lower.  The round had...

Thoughts on the M16A4

To preface this, let me state that I served in the Marine Corps as a rifleman and that I carried a FN M16A4 in...

Brass over Bolt malfunctions.

Last Sunday I helped a shooter at the range with a brass over bolt malfunction.  Brass over Bolt is a rare malfunction where a...

A video on derailing trains

Turns out derailing trains isn't as easy as some think it would be:   Remember to count your fingers before & after every explosion so you know...