Hyrax Hunt in the Winelands

AirArmsHuntingSA has a new video up. Always good for a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7n5YQYniv0

Plano ,TX Fireworks Oopsie Last Night


Feet don’t fail me now

I've had bad luck with Bates brand boots over the years. Most every pair I had in the military failed with in 6...

TOP. MAN. ( Chicago Edition)

Now here is a real doozy. CHICAGO (CBS) — Interim Chicago Police Supt. Charlie Beck stripped former Cmdr. Ed Wodnicki of his police powers Tuesday,...

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all. Got my Prusa MK3S+ yesterday. Finished it today. Spent maybe 12 hours building it. I'll talk about that later. Enjoy your...

Our Second Civil War: Communism Collapsed Only to Revive

https://spectator.org/our-second-civil-war-communism-collapsed-only-to-revive/ Our Second Civil War: Communism Collapsed Only to ReviveBy Ben Stein This one may not be as friendly. October 12, 2020, 12:08 AM Now for a few...

Cleaning and the AR15

If you are new to the AR15 family of weapons, or the M16FOW,you have probably heard from a lot of self identified experts how...

Geissele all the things, even if they ain’t Geissele. And charge...

A few days later... IN my opinion, that was pure dishonesty in that first announcement.

Thermal Optics

It is not often that we see thermal imagers in use.  This is due to the limited availability, high prices, and the low necessity...

Kimber’s New Slide Serrations

https://www.kimberamerica.com/micro9-khx I'm not even gonna comment on this.. I would love to read your opinions though.