Silencers and Semi-autos – A Parable

Imagine that you have a friend who is ready to buy his first AR15. Instead of following any reasonable advise, they go to...

New Video From My favorite Guntuber

The only gun realted youtuber I watch , Matt Dubber at AirArmshuntingSA has a new video up today in his excellent series....

FN Law Enforcement Carbines

FN has come out with a couple new ARs. Skipping past the Propaganda&Press release, its just a couple of M4 type carbines...

New AirArmsHuntingSA Video Today

0 I love this guy's videos. He is the only "gun-tuber" that I watch as you know.

KRISS Vector .22LR

Just what everyone has been dying for. Kriss is releasing a 22lr Vector. I wonder if it will accept the new 22 Long rifle...