A Very Nice Winchester Model 52C

This very nice Model 52C was shared in the group. With Redfield Olympic iron sights and a Unerlt, it is a very nice...

Very Cool Vintage Colt Advert

Courtesy of theColtAR15resources.com

Some Fun With The Pre 64 Model 70 Varmint

I did something yesterday evening I haven't done in a long time. Shot just for fun after putting a new optic on an...

Plinking Time

I've been drooling over some high dollar precision rifles lately. Like, cost of my car high dollar. Then I remember that I don't really...

Exploitation Gun Maker Acts Fast

To no one's surprise I'm sure. Everyone's favorite gun maker was quick to act. Satire is now reality if you are into wasting...

Winchester Model 1901

The last time I saw one of these was in a pawn shop in Pikeville KY in 1989. And it did not look that...

Remington 521-T

Another very nice vintage .22 target rifle. This time the Remington 521-T No vintage rifle is complete without the classic Lyman peep sight.

Thanksgiving Plinking

Went to the range today. Hadn't shot shotgun in a while and was starting to grow fond of them. A few shots...

Remington Model 8

A super nice Model 8 with a vintage optic and mount. This one is owned by one of the fellas in the vintage...

One Helluva Model 99 Collection

One of the boys in the facebook vintage gun groups shared this first class collection. He relates that he has one example of every...