Quick Review: Monstrum AR15 Low Profile Gas Block

I firmly believe in that it is worth buying quality, and for anything your life might depend on, spending the little extra to get...

Colt CR6920 Carbine

After pausing production of commercial AR-15 carbine and rifles in late 2019 to reduce excess commercial inventory and to focus production capacity on an...

Cuban model AR10

I was fooling around on B-ARFCOM and ran across this interesting post form one of the members. Originally posted by member HHollow It is...

Armalite 20 Round Magazines

A collection of original Armalite marked M16/AR15 magazines. I would say if you sold all of those you could buy a new AR15 easily.

Colt Releases Revised AR-15 ‘Carbine’ Line of Firearms

Around August of 2019, the internet came alive with second-hand word that Colt wasn't going to sell their LE-series of AR-15's to civilian...

Need a coat hanger?

https://www.portablewallhanger.com/ Over on portablewallhanger.com, link left cold on purpose, has some interesting coat hangers for sale. Lesser websites like Wired, report the horrifying news that these...

SOG RT Nebraska’s Odd Carbines

These two photos were shared in the SOG vet facebook group and it is pretty interesting. One, because its not a picture out floating...

Review: Tango Down PR-16A4 Sling Mount

BLUF: Pricy, but it works. An excellent solution to a problem few people care about. The Tango Down PR16-A4 is a QD sling...

Army Marksmanship Unit Ballistics and Zeroing Powerpoint

https://www.slideserve.com/bendek/ballistics-and-zeroing Unfortunately the Slideserve website this is hosted on won't let me download this powerpoint presentation, so you will have to read it at the...

3D Printing the Hellfire Lower, continued

Sometimes 3D printing is as easy as selecting a .stl file, pressing the slice button in your slicer, then hitting the print button. Sometimes it...