Early Belt Fed AR10 Variant


Colt Super Sharpshooters

The coltAR15resource dug this up god knows where. It's an article about the Colt HBAR and HBAR Elite.

Colt CR6920 Carbine

After pausing production of commercial AR-15 carbine and rifles in late 2019 to reduce excess commercial inventory and to focus production capacity on an...

Colt GAU-5 Retro Release

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCy6x9k6QLk Larry has a good video up about the new release in the Colt Retro Rifle line.

Kalashnikov USA KR-9 “Quality”

Kalashnikov USA has this little pistol that should be a nice little pistol caliber carbine. A 9mm AK that scratches a certain...

FN BAR Model D

supervel Everyone is familiar with John Browning’s BAR, the Browning Automatic Rifle introduced in 1918 chambered for our service cartridge, the .30-‘06. But do you...

Q&A With Guy Who Re-wrote Army Marksmanship Manual

An interview from a few months ago with the man who re-wrote the US Army's marksmanship manual is making the rounds...

NO. 67 Scout Rifle

The all weapons WW2 IG page has tossed up this one. I had no idea this existed. But I am intrigued enough to...

Very Cool Vintage Colt Advert

Courtesy of theColtAR15resources.com

Winchester Model 54

Before Winchester gifted the world with the divine Model 70 Winchester there was the Model 54. The Model 54 was their first...