The Remington Model 37

In October 1932, Remington officials decided to produce a target grade, bolt action .22 caliber target rifle to compete with the Winchester model 52....

Building the rifle Larue won’t sell you – Part 2

Part 1 Here. Previously I established how there is the demand for a heavier barreled Larue PredatAR rifle. For someone starting new, the Larue...

Where was I today? Having more fun than you.

Sorry( not really) about the lack of any real meaty content today. I was up on the mountain shooting the Target King Cobra and...

I don’t get it

I don't understand why someone would buy a special edition trigger that has a special marking that would be INSIDE the gun where no...

Winchester Model 70 in 22 Long Rifle

One of the fellas in the Model 70 group showed this ultra rare prototype and shared some info on it. Even I didn’t know...

Very Cool Vintage Colt Advert

Courtesy of

The M16s Left In South Vietnam

With all the talk and news about the US hardware left in Afghanistan, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at...

The Colt Double Rifle

Here is something rare. The Colt double rifle made at the request of Caldwell H. Colt. Son of firearms inventor and founder ...

Colt LE6920M001 Mexico Government Carbine

Over the years, Colt collectors have periodically had access to releases of contract overrun LE6920 carbines that were destined for the Mexico National...

Mauser MKB 39

I been following this IG account that posts weapons from WW2. Some rare and some prototypes etc. Sometimes he posts a lot of info...