Army Special Forces StG 44

Now here is something you don't see everyday. An Army Special Forces soldier in the earl 1960s firing a STG44. Probably during some...

USMC With The Benet-Mercie 1903 Machinegun

Pictures dated 1916 Camp Haiti.

Vietnam Post War Use of US Equipment

This video was shared over at Barfcom. It's pretty interesting/ It talks about the leftover stuff after the fall of Saigon, a subject...

1970 SEAL Sniper

Very cool picture reportedly from 1970. The sniper is a SEAL and he is using the M40 USMC sniper rifle with Redfield 3x-9x optics....

Vintage Match Ammo

Above is a picture of a very old box or Remington factory match ammo meant to used in the Palma matches. At the time...

Infrared M3 Sniper Scope Find

I stopped at a yard sale the other day and the nice fellow who sold me several military transport cases invited me into his...

Death Cards (Vietnam War Psy-Ops)

The "death card" is a common trope now a days since most people found out about them from the film Apocalypse Now. It...

My first Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) mission

By Manuel Beck On June 28, 1968, B-56 Project SIGMA’s Recon Company moved forward to our new launch site in the 1st Infantry Division (1st...

Is the AR15/M16/M4 a Bigger Game Changer than the M1 Garand...

I saw this topic on B-arfcom over the weekend and have thought about it ever since. It would seem an easy answer at first... Video Series

SOGsite has a new video series that is really good. I recommend watching and subbing to the channel.