Hugh Glass

Glass was born in Pennsylvania in possibly 1780. He was a seafaring man when captured of the coast o Louisiana by the pirate Jean...

The 10 X USMC Sniper Unertl

Guest post submitted by Darren.

Winchester Model 70/ USMC Historical Document

Some documentation provided by Mr. Van Orden from his Grandfather's shop. A communication from Winchester to the USMC about the purchase of Model 70...

Load Carriage: WWI to the GWOT (Part 1)

Let's take a look at how load carriage changed in the last century. This is not an exhaustive list as entire books have been...

Seecamp DA Conversion Part 2

A unexpected follow up to my post earlier today about the Lou Seecamp double action converted Colt Commander. A member of the...

SOG 1-0 John J. Kendenburg

On June 14, 1968 Recon Team Nevada was running for it’s life. The team had just had a violent firefight with NVA forces near...

Foreign Weapons Demonstration Training Film for Special Forces

One of our followers on the looserounds Facebook page sent this to me last night. It's a vintage training film demonstrating foreign weapons...

Pre Deployment Training

55 years ago, 10 December 1965, I was a SGT E-5 Demolition Sergeant on an A-Detachment, in Company B, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne),...

Some Thompson History

I found this series of pictures on my old computer yesterday while looking for something else. I don't remember where or what show it...

Mint Vietnam M1 Helmet & Cover

I thought I would talk about this helmet today. This one is pretty special. This is a M1 steel helmet that was never...