The Los Baños Nurses’ Letters

If you have never heard of the nurses captured by the Japanese in the Philippines you really should look in to it. It is...

Jerry “Mad Dog” Shriver Bio Coming Soon

The books is going to be first offered at the Special Operations Association annual meeting, the hopefully available to everyone else after.

Infantry Weapons & Effectiveness in Korea (Part1)

I have been reading a US Army study on infantry weapons and us in combat during the Korean war. The study gathered its data...

Detachment A-421 (Ba Xoai) 4.2 inch Mortars

By Richard H. Dick James 54 years ago, August 1967, I was a Staff Sergeant E-6, assigned as the Demolition Sergeant on Detachment A-421...

Detachment B-42 (Chau Doc)

By Richard H. Dick James 54 years ago, 1 August 1967, I was a SSG E-6, assigned as a radio operator on Detachment B-42 (Chau...

SOG 1-0 John J. Kendenburg

On June 14, 1968 Recon Team Nevada was running for it’s life. The team had just had a violent firefight with NVA forces near...

SOG One-Zero Lt. George Sisler Army Special Forces

SOG’s First Medal of Honor. On the 7th of February 1967 a B-52 Arc Light strike had just finished hitting a major enemy controlled are...

Battle of Chipyong-Ni

I don't know about you but when it's hot I like to read or watch things about the cold. Seems to sub consciously cool...

When the Army had a Navy

Did you know that at one point the US Army had it's own ships? Its true, take a gander for yourself at this article...

SOG 1-0 Franklin D. Miller

This is a pretty rare photo of Franklin D. Miller a SOG 0-1 and recipient of the Medal Of Honor for actions while serving...