The Goncz Auto Pistol

The Goncz pistol is one of those oddballs that is all but forgotten. Produced during a time when more than a...

Six Gun, Six Squibs

When I see a picture like this, I always say to myself. "who the hell are these people?" Above is a couple of photos I...

Kimber’s .40 S&W Polymer Framed Striker Fired that never was released.

by Luis Valdes Kimber was once looking to jump into the Striker Fired Polymer Duty Size Pistol market with the KPD series. KPD stood...

Sig P210

Our pal Karl,, has some more pictures for us today. This time the Sig P210.

Mint Series 70 Colt M1911

Today, Karl ( has for us a mint Colt M1911 Series 70.

Spotting A Hidden Handgun

An oldie but a goodie. People who carry every day and use quality holsters and dress appropriately know not to present any...