1958 Pachmayr Bullseyer 1911 Used Very Hard

Karl provided pictures of another custom Pachmayr for today.

1983 Wilson Combat Colt Accu-Comp LE, Full House, Full Hardchrome

I am currently Zucked on facebook for 30 days. But that doesn't mean I can't swipe photos from our favorite custom gun smith,...

Beretta finally improves the 92 with the 92X Performance

Look at that, a 1911 style safety and grip angle! A good number of people have done some good work with the classic Beretta 92FS....

Colt Offensive Weapon

Turns out I found and saved this old Colt advert back in 2014 and stored it away then forgot to talk about it...

Colt New Service Fitz Special

A rare treat. Above is a real Fitz special. The gun is a Colt New Service Fritz Special. One of...

Jim CLark Custom M1911

From SuperVel Ammunition " Wadcutter guns were popular when NRA bullseye was the dominant handgun shooting sport, in the 1950s and ‘60s. One of the...

S&W Model 625 Mountain Gun

We have another whell gun from our pal Karl Beining from www.KGBcustom.com. Karl supplies the weekly wheel gun porn for you degenerates. If you...

Custom Smith 745 IPSC

Custom Smith 745 IPSC -- Believed to be Bill Jarvis's work -- Custom machined magwell, Custom Cone Comp, Clark Front sight, Bomar rear,...

Ben Jones Custom Colt 1911 From The Pistol_Purview Instagram Page

"A Ben Jones Colt 1911. This 38 super marvel was crafted by master pistolsmith Ben Jones out of Ruskin FL. Jones was a highly...

Custom Shop XP-100

Here is something you rarely see. A Remington XP100 in 7mm BR ( Bench Rest) . This one is the Custom Shop model...