Colt’s Short Lived .22 Cadet Target Pistol

In the 1990s Colt came out with a .22 rimfire pistol. It was no doubt intended to compete with the ultra popular Ruger .22...

Jim Stroh 1982 Colt comp 1911

pistol_purview 1982 Colt comp 1911 by Jim Stroh (I think) out of Alpha Precision. I missed this gun in an auction earlier this month, but...

The ASP Pistol, the original pocket 9mm

By Luis Valdes Paris Theodore originally owned Armament Systems and Procedures. It’s said that it took over 200 machining operations to turn a S&W Model...

Colt Mid-Range 1911

One of the fellas int he colt collecting group showed off this really nice Mid-range the other day, giving a look inside. The Mid-range, if...

A Series 80 Colt LW Commander

By Stu Palmer Lots of folks acquire new pistols as an investment..We enjoy them while they're a part of our collection, but we wouldn't mind...

Delta Force M1911s

I saw this thread on B-ARFCOM this morning. A poster was asking about known pictures of M1911s used by Delta force back when they...

Kart & Spilborough Custom Colts

pistol_purview Fred Kart bullseye gun in 45 ACP. Mr. Kart, a member of the APG, is an industry legend and has been making the finest...

IWI Uzi Pro Pistol

The local shop got this Uzi pistol in with the "Arm brace" and I thought I'd share some pictures of it. You can see it...

KGB Custom KGB 45 Classic Two Tone KGB0013

Today from Karl is this full custom 1911 made by Karl himself.

A prime example of why listening to the consumer is wrong

I have been saying this for years. By Luis Valdes Over and over again, on various online forums, social media platforms, and in the...