Experimental Full Auto 1911 ( Part 2)

Months ago I posted a picture of this gun. The experimental full auto 1911 the Army played around with and considered. Last night...

Range Report mounting the M203

Decided to throw the LMT M203 on the AR as it was intended. The M203 slides over the barrel and index on the...

Troy EM203 M203 Tri-Rail

I look at how much of my income I spend on guns and I think I should switch to a cheaper hobby. Maybe...

Hmm, I don’t think this works for me.

Colt 14.5" SOCOM barreled M4 with Surefire 556K silencer, Trijicon TA31RCO-M4. LMT M203A1 with PSQ-18A and Aimpoint Comp-M4. It is a little heavy.

The perfect home for an oil filter silencer

I never got the appeal of the oil silencer until I saw this picture of one on an AK. It looks at home...

Let’s 3D Print a gun Part 2

Alright, where do I start? I'm a Machinist. I've read several times that Machining is the slowest and most expensive way to manufacture a...

3D Printed 40mm

https://youtu.be/ustYycXzPu0 Sadly, the Ukrainian designer doesn't want to share their design.

Anyone need a fuel filter?

Or what about this one? These things are all over the place, ebay, wish, amazon, etc.

Chatter 20190928

Had a hard drive fail in my personal computer. Making for lots of annoying delays. I picked up some Zenitco rails for my AK....

Misc Chatter – 3D Printed 40mm projectiles, FLEX issue, AK shooting,...

Work has been kicking my ass, so I've had little time to do stuff. I tried another attempt at 3D printing a 40mm projectile. A fully...