Can you name a gun that isn’t better suppressed?

While browsing the internet, I found that people were selling threaded adapters for the M1Garand for under $20. I got this one for...

Test Post-Video

I wonder if this will work.

Optic of the Week: AN/PSQ-18A M203 Day/Night Sight

I really really wanted to like this but it just sucked so bad. I mean, it provides a capability that nothing else does, but it...

PSA: Silencers Get Hot

I was shooting Saturday and was about to ground the rifle on the shooting bench. As I was setting it down, I was...

Let me share a failed gun project

I can't say exactly when I came up with the idea of this, but I recall a couple of things spurring it on. There was...

“Solvent traps” LOL

I was surfing the web and I stumbled across this picture. On that MP5, mounted to the lugs on the barrel, is a...

Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms

I have no use for a welrod nor a desire to own one, but this is pretty cool. I saw a few pics on social...

Blackhawk 6 round 40mm Pouch

I'm sure you guys are sick of me talking about 40mm accessories, but too bad, I'm still excited about it. Back in 2006 prior to...

Goofing off

I was going to write up something of value. . . but nah. I am seeing if I can 3d print a 40mm projectile I...

Experimental Full Auto 1911 ( Part 2)

Months ago I posted a picture of this gun. The experimental full auto 1911 the Army played around with and considered. Last night...