Vintage Target Rifles, Unertl & Fecker Optics

The bottom rifle has a Fecker scope. You might remember I wrote a lengthy historical article on Fecker optics last year that no one...

Colt Rifles SHOT 2020

Still waiting on my proxy to send some pictures from SHOT but until then I have some pictures thanks to Brent at coltAR15resource. The...

NICS set a new record in March

The peak day was Mar 17 when most stimulus checks cleared.

What change in the firearms world have you noticed in the...

This topic came up on arfcom and I thought it was an interesting discussion. A lot has happened since 2010. Lets take a...

How to install a KAC M4 or M5 RAS.

The U.S. Military uses the Knights Armament Corp.'s M4 and M5 rail systems on the M4 and M16 respectively.  These rails are good heavy...

Magazine test

User WI57 has been updating an interesting AR15 magazine test on the forums. I suggest you check out "The Unscientific Plastic Magazine Test".

Unertl 12X Restoration Update

Remember the two rusted out knarfed up Unertls from a week or so ago? Yes they are rough. But thankfully I pulled a genius move....

The Inland/Ithaca Model 37 Combat Shotgun

A little over two weeks ago the Inland MFG/ Ithaca Model 37 combat shotgun arrived.  We have been testing it hard. This week Part...

Episode 1 of the Loose Rounds podcast

If you want to hear Shawn and I show our absolute lack of mastery of the English language, listen to our new podcast. We plan...

Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupré, Belgium.

B-ARFCOM user Too-Tall made this great post I'm Belgian and I visit WW1 and WW2 memorials in my free time, remembering the sacrifices people...