When the Army Resisted the M16A2, Part 1-3

Today  is our traditional day of re posting some of the best articles of our friend Kevin O’Brien  better know as Hognose by his many admirers and readers of his website weaponsman.com. Kevin left us too early  in spring of 2017 and we repost his work here to honor him and preserve his work.   … Read moreWhen the Army Resisted the M16A2, Part 1-3

K.K.V. Casey

“There are about three men in the country who could equal Casey and it is doubtful if any of them could beat him.” “This statement was high praise indeed, but particularly so when it was issued from the typewriters  of the well credentialed but normally critical  rifleman/writer E.C. Crossman in 1908. The man Crossman referred … Read moreK.K.V. Casey