S&W 627-5 Performance Center

Karl has went back to providing us with some wheel gun action. Expect more over the next few days. www.KGBcustom.com

Trump’s 25 Accomplishments & The State Of Things

Well. What can I say about Trump's 4 years in office coming to an end? I didn't plan on saying anything about it...

12 ga. ML “Confederate” Shotgun

B-ARFCOM member 1srelluc posted his recent find. It was interesting enough to be worth sharing here I thought. This old English made ML shotgun has...

Special Van Orden Model 70 Winchester Family Owned

A bonus from yesterday's post about the Van Orden rifles, today is another special treat. This is another special Van Orden Model 70,...

Everything’s Fine, There’s Absolutely Nothing To See Here

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, In the darkest corners of our human instincts lies a psychological phenomenon that is the result of millions of...

S&W M625-S Mountain Gun

Today from Karl we have this S&W mountain gun with extra grips.

Patmos Arms Judah 26

I feel rather bad because I haven't been actively writing. Especially in a time when there is so much to write about. ...

A Very Special Van Orden Model 70 and Family History

I told you a week or so ago I contacted George Van Orden, the Grandson of General George Van Orden and owner, operator of...

55-69 Era Colt Conversion Unit

Another treasure from Karl today

SOG Mission Gear List

Friend and SOG Recon Vet ,Schofield Steven shares what he carried on missions. What I carried when on a SOG/CCN, hatchet force BDA in Laos,...