5.56 Timeline

Tampa Top. Man. Pawns Protecting Peacemaker

Authorities say school guardian Erick Russell, 37, pawned his sheriff’s-issued firearm because he needed gas money. [[Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office]]

A former Pinellas County school guardian was arrested Wednesday and charged with five counts of false verification of ownership for pawning a handgun and other items issued to him by the Sheriff’s Office. Oh boy here we go!

Detectives started looking into Erick Russell, 37, after he was arrested Sept. 5 on charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment.

They discovered Russell had pawned his sheriff’s-issued Glock 17 9 mm firearm and two magazines on three occasions during a one-month period from July 2 to Aug. 1.

I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t a Glock Fortay.

Russell also pawned sheriff’s-issued body armor.

The items were pawned at Value Pawn, 29661 U.S. 19 North in Clearwater. The property was recovered during Russell’s arrest on the domestic battery charge.

Russell admitted to pawning the items while he was being interrogated Wednesday evening, the Sheriff’s Office said. He told detectives he needed gas money. Hey, these things happen. What else was he supposed to do? Not pawn them?

Russell began his employment with the school system in 2014 and served as a substitute teacher through April, 2019. Public school ladies and gentleman.

Russell transitioned to a role as a school guardian on Apr. 20. According to Pinellas County school district spokeswoman Lisa Wolf-Chason, Russell completed guardian training at the end of May. I bet the parents in the district slept better at night knowing here was on the job.

Russell is no longer employed by the school district. Wolf-Chason said that due to Russell’s status as a protected employee, she couldn’t divulge the name of any schools where Russell would have worked. Protected class, protected status..

This isn’t the first time a Florida school guardian has been charged with pawning a service weapon. I bet David Hogg has a solution to this problem.

Last October, James Johnson, a Duval County guardian, was accused of pawning his issued firearm on two occasions. snort! ahem..

Over in WV they have this program where they find some of the lowest welfare lifeforms in the state and give them a pie job for the state road called “Courtesy Patrol”. This means they drive a 30 mile stretch of US 119 in a state vehicle and if they see some one out of gas or broke down they give them a ride to the gas station or let them use a phone to call for help. This school guardian thing makes me think we are dealing with the same type

Johnson’s wife was an elementary school principal in the Duval school district. It’s good to see community service runs in the family


The NoMar Rear M1911 Sight

Have a M1911 with the excellent fixed Novak rear sight that really wish you could have a BoMar on instead? You aren’t the only one. But, as you have likely already learned, the slide dovetail cut for one just will not allow the use for the other. Good news though. .

Karl Beining custom gunsmthing extraordinaire and Brandon Bunker has come up with a very slick solution

The Nomar sight base is the solution for the large numbers of 1911s being sold with Novak Low Mount fixed rear sights.  Many Colts, Springfields, Rugers, Dan Wessons, Rock Island’s etc come right from the Factory with a Novak Low mount rear sight cut.  This is a fantastic sight cut if you want fixed sights, but the adjustable options that fit the Novak LM dovetail are all lacking.  Some have very limited adjustment, some have no windage adjustment at all, but they all have small sight faces resulting in less than ideal sight picture for precision work.  The Gold Standard for 1911 Target sights is, and has been for decades, the Bomar Adjustable sight, the issue is once a slide is cut for a Novak LM rear, you cannot cut it for a Bomar cut, so a workaround had to be designed.  I teamed up with Brandan Bunker at Bunker Arms on designing a new base for the Bomar style blade (Mfg By Kensight), and the Nomar was the result.  We worked through a couple tests and redesigns to arrive at the current iteration that we feel looks the best and will work with the widest breadth of OEM Novak cuts.  Believe it or not, not every company cuts Novak rear cuts the same, so we are looking at making a taller base for STI slides and possibly others in the future.   The Nomar is not a wholly new idea, Rich Dettlehouser of Canyon Creek made some similar bases nearly 10 years ago, but seems his website and access to this part are gone.
The Nomar base does require professional installation as the Novak sight deck will need lowered and extended forward of the dovetail, pocket for the sight blade cut, and hole drilled and tapped for the elevation screw.

I’ve been watching this project and the pictures Karl has shared on various 1911 groups he and I both belong to. They look great and the work is first class. If you have a 1911 with a Novak cut but wish you had a BoMar you now know what to do.

for Professional Installation on your slide, contact Karl G Beining at www.kgbcustom.com

For the Nomar base, contact or order on Brandan Bunker’s site at https://www.bunkerarms.com/product-page/nomar-conversion-base

For the Sight leaf and other parts, contact Kensight and order a ‘Bomar BCMS Rebuild kit with complete sight leaf’  https://stores.kensight.com/

John Wesley Hardin’s Guns

John Wesley Hardin was one of the most famous gunfighters of the old west. He claimed he’d killed over 40 men in his days but it was more like 27. That’s still a pretty damn high number. He was certainly a bit of an exaggerator when it came to his confirmed kills but one thing he didn’t BS about was his skill with a firearm.

He is well known for giving away or selling his business card and playing cards he shot with a pistol from various distances. Above you can see both displayed. He was the real deal with a handgun and a very dangerous man who would kill you as easy as breathing. No doubt he enjoyed it or at the least he didn’t lose any sleep over it.

Beyond his skill with the handgun he also was a man that thought about how best to get them into action. He had a concealment vest made that allowed him to carry two colt revolvers under his armpits on each side. He was able to appear to casually cross his arms then rapidly dual cross draw the brace of colts out in a flash.

His various guns are well documented and are preserved in various collections. Especially the ones from the end of his years.

JWH’s Colt Thunderer .41 Colt

After being released from prison in February 1894, Hardin became an attorney. His inner demons still plagued the hair-trigger tempered Hardin though, and he quickly reverted to his old ways of gambling and drink. The firearms from this notorious Texas pistoleer’s final years are solidly documented through official court records resulting from his murder. Among these were a .38 caliber Model 1877 Colt Double Action “Lightning,” which his cousin by marriage, “Killer” Jim Miller, gave him after Miller represented him in a murder case. Hardin also owned a pair of .41 caliber 1877 Colt DA “Thunderers,” a Smith & Wesson DA “Frontier” in .44-40 chambering and a 4 3/4-inch barreled, .45 caliber 1873 Colt Single Action Army (with the ejector housing removed, most likely for an easier draw from his pocket). At the time of his death, Hardin was packing these two latter six-shooters. One of Hardin’s ’77 Colts, along with his .45 Colt-chambered ’73 Peacemaker, are housed at the Autry National Center’s Museum of the American West in Los Angeles, California.”

Several examples of the Texas gunman’s weaponry have survived, thanks to court records, Hardin relatives and dedicated historians and collectors such as the late Robert E. McNellis of El Paso, Texas, who discovered several of Hardin’s documented guns and other memorabilia. Hardin’s guns at the Museum of the American West are the only ones I know of on exhibit; the rest of Hardin’s hardware is presumed to be safe in private collections”

Hardin’s watch and .38Colt Lightning

The Colt M1877 “Thunderer” was a double action design chambered in .41 Colt. The “lightning” being a .38 long Colt. You can see it looks like a slightly smaller M1873 “peacemaker.” Even thought it was a DA revolver, it wasn’t very durable. The DA spring and parts didn’t hold up well and it was hard to repair. Luckily for the owners it didn’t render the gun useless. Just single action. Which I’m sure a lot of modern readers would consider the same thing. Billy the Kid , Doc Holiday and Hardin are among its more famous users.

Writing in his book “Sixguns” Elmer Kieth said that the “41LC was a better fight-stopper than its paper ballistics would indicate” and it was “better for self-defense than any 38 load made”. Keith would go onto design the 41 magnum possibly influenced by the advantages of the .41 Long Colt. The .41 long Colt was a moderately popular chambering in several Colt models. It was available in the Model 1877 Thunderer double action revolver, the series of New Army and New Navy revolvers.

Brownells 20 Round Mags

No, LooseRounds has not been bought by Brownells. Not yet anyway, ( Call me Pete..)

Their new retro line of guns, parts and mags has been a big hit lately. The guns have honestly been a little hit or miss. I have heard has many people having issues as I have heard of people singing praises. I haven’t gotten my hands on on a Brownells A1 yet though ( call me Pete) so I can’t give you any opinion on those. I did get twenty five of the 20 round mags and a waffle mag a few months ago however.

I really like it

To cut to the chase on the waffle mag, I really like it. It’s really nice and about the only way to get one at a price that isn’t insane. I have used it a lot and it hasn’t let me down. I can recommend. And it looks cool in a SP-1.

The standard USGI 20 round mags.

I really like 20s. I have about as many Colt 20s as most people have regular 30s. The Brownells mags have worked well. It’s hard to find any decent quality 20 rounder that doesn’t. They do have one thing I am not crazy about.

All of the edges on the mags are as sharp enough to shave with. They wear pouches and the old cotton bandoleers at an alarming speed. Sure, few people will care. But it is what it is. None of the old 20s from the War are like this and neither are any of the Colt or other brand USGI 20s. It’s a little thing but often find the little things will tip you off to some of the big things.

One of the best things about the mags is the price. If you like 20 rounders now is the time to go crazy stocking up.

Unlike Howard, I have enough to fill up two BAR belts and a couple of the 7 pocket Vietnam era bandoleers. At least I have one thing going for me.

Because I am a weirdo, I keep all the loaded 20s in the bandoleers sealed up in the water proof surrender propaganda bags. If you haven’t seen these before, they are clear plastic with Vietnamese printed on them encouraging communists to “rally to the RVN government.” The idea was the GI or ARVN would carry his mags in the water proof protective bags, then when he needed to reload,m he would take the mag out, discard the bag on the ground. Then, when Anh was back in the area he would look down and see the bags on the ground and they would convince him to defect to the South VN side in the open arms program. Don’t roll your eyes. VC defectors did show up with these propaganda bags in their hands to get safe passage.

Those original bags can still be bought. Our pal Trey, who owns mooremilitaria.com will sell you as many as you want. AS well as bandoleers, original ore cleaner and about anything else Vietnam related you want.


2 for 1 yankee dollar ! Original war dated! Never used! What else do you want?

NOT a Brownells retro rifle, The real thing