5.56 Timeline

B&T APC10 10MM Subgun/Pistol

Proving again this year that the 10mm is hitting a huge surge in popularity, B&T has debut the APC10. Their pistol ( with brace..ahem) that fires God’s Own pistol round. The sub gun uses the standard Glock 10mm mags. Very cool.

The gun uses a non reciprocal charging handle, a bolt hold open and accepts standard M4 type grips. You can see above the various stocks that will work on it.

There is no doubt the 10mm is back and all of us 10mm fans will benefit from the renewed popularity and development it brings.

Overnight Updates For Wuhan Strain ( New US Case)

  • Total number of confirmed cases now 900+, 26 dead.
  • China restricts travel for 40+ million people as the death toll surges.
  • Two deaths have been reported outside Wuhan.
  • Some residents displaying symptoms are being turned away from hospitals.
  • Hospitals in Wuhan make urgent pleas for help and supplies.
  • Beijing orders PLA medics to assist in Wuhan treating patients
  • UK and US governments tell citizens to avoid outbreak zones.
  • Second US case confirmed in Chicago
If movies taught me anything, its that when the military shows up to plague zones with rifles and white hazmat suits things have taken a turn for the worst

experts estimate that some 4,000 individuals may have already been infected across the country.

According to the SCMP, 40 medical officers from the city’s military hospital have already started working in the intensive care unit of Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital. The 40 officers are reported to be an advance party and the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army in Beijing will send more in the coming days.

Staff at the PLA hospital swore an oath earlier this week promising to do everything they can to combat the virus.

A medical practitioner who worked at the PLA General Hospital said that the hospital would send staff from its infectious disease centre to help run the new hospital and quarantine centre in Wuhan once it was ready.

Staff there held an oath-taking ceremony on Wednesday pledging they would do their utmost to win the battle against the new coronavirus.

“We all swore that we will follow the order, make sacrifices if necessary and do our jobs as required and would not be afraid to suffer or even to die,” he said. “[We were told that] we triumphed over Sars and we will win again this time.”

As we noted below, Wuhan is scrambling to build a makeshift hospital from scratch on the outskirts of the city as a quarantine and treatment center for coronavirus patients. Beijing’s ability to quickly expand capacity to treat infected individuals was said to be instrumental in the fight against SARS 17 years ago.

* * *

Asian markets closed on Friday for the Lunar New Year holiday, which officially begins on Saturday. But in China, the Communist Party leadership are scrambling to contain the virus as 13 cities in Hubei Province are now under quarantine, meaning more than 40 million Chinese will be forced to spend the holiday week at home, the South China Morning Post reports.

New Video of General Dynamics Next Gen Rifle Released

The NGSR-AR is expected to replace the M249 squad automatic weapon, while the NGSW-R (Rifle) will replace M4 carbine. 

NGSR-AR and NGSW-R are expected to replace the current field weapons in the next several years. 

These new weapons are expected to include “sophisticated technologies such as ballistic calculation, intelligent targeting and tracking capabilities, wireless communication and advanced camera-based capabilities,” said Defense Blog. 

We’ve noted before, NGSR-AR and NGSW-R’s firepower will be able to shoot at much greater distances, able to penetrate the world’s most advanced body armor. The weapons are expected to be lightweight and have reduced acoustic and flash signature.

Last week, the Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) granted Sig Sauer a safety certification for its new MG 338 Machine Gun, 338 Norma Mag Ammunition, and Next Generation Suppressors.


Quick Update to the China-Virus

  • 8 Chinese cities, more than 23 million people, effectively under quarantine
  • Multiple cases across the world – from Scotland to Singapore and USA
  • 653 Infected according to Chinese officials (Mainland China: 639 Taiwan: 1 Macau: 2 Hong Kong: 2 Vietnam: 2 Thailand: 3 Singapore: 1 Japan: 1 South Korea: 1 US: 1)
  • 18 Dead (following 1st death outside Wuhan)
  • WHO says “not the time to declare a global health emergency”
  • Patient in Texas recently traveled to Wuhan
  • WHO estimates coronavirus is about as contagious as the Spanish flu, more than twice as infectious as the common flu. 

That is not at all disconcerting

Blue Force Gear Lightweight MOLLEminus Belt


POOLER, GA (January 16, 2020) — Blue Force Gear’s absolute dedication to Lighten the Load™ for the warfighter has led to the development of a state-of-the-art, fully MOLLE-compatible belt system that – incredibly – weighs just half as much as competing brands, and with a static load rating of 3500lbs (15.5 kN). Intelligent design, proprietary ULTRAcomp laminate and valuable feedback from elite professionals all contributed to the success of this belt system, one we are very proud to bring to market.

“Our new Lightweight MOLLEminus® Belt is the result of many months of focused design work and nearly daily interaction with our SOF customers. We listened intently to their evolving needs and the MOLLEminus Belt is a product of that synergy” said Stephen Hilliard, Director of Product Development for Blue Force Gear. Constructed using Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp® laminate – a layered composite material – coupled with other technologically advanced components; the MAB is set to revolutionize how the modern warfighter carries their first-line kit.

Some innovative features include ULTRAcomp® laminate and composite components that are cut on a bias to provide custom-fit-comfort right out of the box. A lanyard “hard-point” at the rear of the belt is positioned for greater safety should the user depend on the restraint feature, and a matching inner belt is laser perforated for increased breathability and comfort. All this, and the Lightweight MOLLEminus Belt still comes in at only 0.65lbs for the inner/outer belt system (size 32).

The composite material sandwiched between the layers of the outer belt provide more than sufficient stiffness to carry a sidearm, plus mission essential loads without affecting overall comfort, or compromising the stability of the system.  

Lastly, the MAB is Made in America of Berry compliant materials and will be available 4th quarter, 2019.  

For more information, technical specs or to view video demonstrations of Blue Force Gear products, visit us at www.blueforcegear.com