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Is the Premium AR Market Finally Doomed?

An interesting question came up on B-ARFCOM yesterday. Is the high end market for AR15s doomed? I have my own thoughts on this and why it seems so but I would like to know what you think. Below are the choices the original poster gave for a poll.

Yes, People are fine with lower end offerings
No, there is always a market for higher quality
Not sure
The market is saturated; it’s the new buyer factor

And his thoughts and observations.

“Up until the last few months, if I had a new or near new premium AR like a Colt or BCM that I wanted to sell, it usually didn’t sit in the gun shop for more than a week before it sold. If I walked around a gun show with it, I usually couldn’t get all the way to the end without selling it for at least what I paid for it.

Lately, I decided my basic plain Jane BCM M4 should go in order to finance something else. It sat in a gun shop for more than a month during the Coronavirus panic.

Finally, I asked the dealer, “WTF?”

He said people were panicking, Yes. People are buying AR’s, Yes. But they’re buying the sub-$600 AR’s, not the higher quality, higher priced ones.

Okay, this area has always been one where people want to pay for a firearm out of one paycheck. I get that.

But something has changed this time. I’ve NEVER had trouble culling an extra Colt or BCM from the herd during a panic, but this time is different.

Could be people staying at home, maybe not making as much money, or just the overall uncertainty, is causing them to not want to invest in higher end AR’s?

Or could it be that we’ve finally reached a point where people truly don’t see the need for premium quality (and premium priced) AR’s as long as lower-end offerings seem to be good enough?

What do you think?”

Vietnam War Booby-Traps

I ran across these photos from the Army. Meant to show some of the booby traps the new recruit could expect once in Vietnam. My Dad told me about his first week in Vietnam and how a group of SGTs took them out on a patrol of a mocked up village. Every thing in it was was set up to be an ambush in a no win situation. Fake version of these traps and other guys playing the VC who would pop out of places even real VC were unlikely to be in. Everyone got “killed” but the point was to show them they had to always be paying attention.

New Firearms Guide 11th Edition

Impressum Media Inc., Los Angeles, CA – May 04.2020 – Firearms Guide, the largest gun guide, gun values guide and gun schematics library just published its 11th Edition that offers complete original antique and modern printable gun manuals.

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