5.56 Timeline

ATM Folding Stock. Ruger Mini 14 owners rejoice!

Samson Manufacturing is pleased to announce that its A-TM Folding Stock is now an Officially Licensed Ruger® Product. The A-TM Folding Stock is the perfect complement to your Mini-14® or Mini Thirty®. Using the original molds and wood from Ruger, this is not a copy or a reproduction. The A-TM Folding Stock is made of stainless steel with a walnut stock. The A-TM Folding Stock is compatible with all Ruger® Mini-14® and Mini Thirty® models. Orders can be placed on the Samson website and have begun to ship.

For more information on Samson A-TM Folding Stock, as well as all our products, visit the Samson website at samson-mfg.com.

Covid-19 Updates 3/3/2020

I’m going to wind this down after today. Now that the US media is now in full panic mode, you probably prefer getting news from them. I may do a weekly round up or something if it strikes my interests but likely no more daily updates unless something drastic changes or you comment that you want me to continue.

  • US virus death toll hits 9
  • 2nd case confirmed in NY
  • Oregon officials warn up to 500 cases may be in state already
  • US now screening everyone aboard flights from SK and Italy
  • Spain reports 1st death
  • 1st case confirmed in North Carolina
  • Westchester Temple closes
  • Italy mulls cancelling all sporting events for a month
  • 2nd NY case commuted to Manhattan, traveled to Miami
  • Chile, Argentina report first cases
  • Germany reports 46 new cases
  • 2nd case confirmed in New Hampshire
  • Santa Clara confirms 11th case
  • 1st case reported in Berkeley
  • Third case possibly identified in Fla.
  • Stocks surge, then fade, after surprise 50 bp rate cut
  • 4th person dies in France
  • Fauci says we should know soon whether Gilead’s vaccine will work
  • Son of Westchester corona case attended NYC school that closed
  • Pope tests negative for coronavirus
  • NYC high school closes over ‘suspected case of coronavirus’
  • Global case total passes 91,000
  • UK case total hits 51
  • US case total tops 100 across 15 states (including evacuees)
  • South Korea case total passes 5,000; death toll hits 34
  • Italian death toll surpasses Iran
  • Iran confirmed cases pass 2,000, 70+ dead
  • Head of European football says Euro 2020 will go on
  • 9 new cases confirmed in Japan

The total number of cases in Europe’s worst-hit country climbed to 2,502 from 2,036 on Monday.

First cases of coronavirus in last 48 hours:

– Chile
– Argentina
– Liechtenstein
– Ukraine
– Gibraltar
– Morocco
– Senegal
– Tunisia
– Latvia
– Jordan
– Andorra
– Portugal
– Indonesia
– Saudi Arabia

Honor Defense Pro9 and ProTac9

• Ported Slide
• Gold flat 2-piece tactical Trigger
• Gold PVD barrel with 15 degree match crown for accuracy
• Two 10-round magazines.
• 1911 style backstrap and a full-backstrap for custom fit
• No Trigger-pull for disassembly
• 100% USA
• Assembled by Veterans


• 3.2” barrel  with same award winning accuracy that beat the G43, Shield and Walther PPS in Gun Tests Magazine comparisons.

ProTac9 Compact

• 3.8” barrel with Rail