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Safariland Full Line of Impulse Technology Hearing Protection

Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, is excited to announce the release of their full line of hearing protection featuring patent pending impulse technology available in two different in-ear models, or together with the Impulse Range Kit.

“My ability to communicate well when on a hot line during a class is imperative,” stated Rob Leatham, 24-time USPSA National champion. “All hearing protection is not created equal and the fact that I can hear as well as I do is a testament to the usefulness of top-quality hearing protection. That I can hear every word and every sound on the range is due to the clarity and comfort of Safariland hearing protection.”

At the heart of Safariland’s Impulse line is the patent-pending Impulse Filter Technology. These filters provide a consistent reduction of 13dB. Sudden loud noises are reduced by up to 38dB. The complete protection blocks damaging noise while allowing conversation and other ambient sounds in—and all without the need for batteries. Single shots, explosions, automatic rifle fire, artillery, impulse and impact noise are all reduced to safe levels. Impulse Hearing Protection fits inside the ear and can be supplemented with traditional over-ear hearing protection for even greater levels of noise reduction.

Safariland’s Foam Impulse Hearing Protection earbuds ($14.99 MSRP) instantly block large sound waves, while permitting low-level audio waves to be heard. The Foam Impulse ear buds are washable and can be worn all day.


• Instantly reduces dangerous sound levels while allowing speech and audio to be heard

• Impulse Mode = 38db Peak Impulse Reduction + 13dB Continuous Reduction

• Full-Block Mode = 20db Continuous Reduction

• Universal-fit, memory foam tips

• Removable neck cord

• No batteries required

• Ideal for the shooting range, hunting, tactical training or operational missions

Safariland’s Pro Impulse Hearing Protection ($19.99) cuts up to 33dB. The Pro Impulse earplugs are made from a proprietary material that conforms to the dimensions of the ear canal, allowing for long-wearing comfort.


• Filters automatically engage to protect hearing

• Still allows for ambient audio

• Includes key chain aluminum transport/storage case

• No batteries required

• Two sizes of ear inserts included with each pair of filters

Safariland’s new Impulse Range Kit ($39.99 MSRP) includes both Foam Impulse earbuds and the new Ultra Compact Earmuffs. The Foam Impulse Earbuds may be worn alone, or under the Ultra Compact Earmuffs for an additional 20dB of constant protection. The Impulse Range Kit also includes Safariland’s HD Flex Protective Eyewear. These fog-proof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses provide multi-directional eye protection.


Foam Impulse Hearing Protection

• Instantly reduces dangerous sound levels while still allowing speech and audio to be heard

• Wear at all times to protect from surrounding gun fire, even when not shooting

Ultra Compact Earmuffs

•  Use as second layer of protection over Impulse Hearing Protection, especially indoors

•  Compact fold for easy storage

HD Flex Protective Eyewear

• Anti-fog, scratch-resistant, HD polycarbonate lenses

• Adjustable temple angle and length

SMASH 2000 Being Evaluated by the US Army

[October 15, 2020]: Between the 14th and 24th of Sept, 2020, Product Manager Individual Weapons, under PM Soldier Lethality, supervised the live fire testing and evaluation of the SMASH 2000 fire control enabled rifle Sight.  The testing at APG was funded by OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense) under a Foreign Comparative Test program designed to determine if international mature technologies can fill U.S. military operation gaps.  

Thousands of rounds were fired by soldiers at APG outdoor range for the purpose of recording data that compared the target hitting capability of the SMASH 2000 against standard U.S. Army issued optics. Targets ranged from 25 meters to 400 meters in a variety of fixed, pop-up, and moving target scenarios.

“Testing the SMASH 2000 is another example of how OSD continues to evaluate foreign technologies that could fulfil specific DoD operational needs,” said William Everett, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, who is responsible for sponsoring many such comparative tests. “We also sponsored a VIP day to give U.S. uniformed officers and Foreign dignitaries the opportunity to fire the SMASH 2000. That opportunity was well received and the event went well,” he added.

Bob Phung, Project Officer, Product Manager Individual Weapons:  “Our job in the PM office is to look for and evaluate promising technologies to support our warfighters.  The SMASH 2000 is one of those promising systems that could significantly improve the soldier’s lethality, especially under duress. We will have to collect the data and determine next steps.”

SMASH is a combat-proven family of Fire Control Systems which are designed, developed, and manufactured by SMART SHOOTER to ensure each round finds its target, in both day and night conditions, as well as keeping friendly forces safe. SMART SHOOTER’s proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms are integrated with sophisticated image-processing software into a rugged hardware solution, providing an easy to use and cost-effective solution that creates the required overmatch. SMART SHOOTER’s fire control solutions are designed to give soldiers and law enforcement officers a decisive tactical edge in almost every operational scenario, maximizing force lethality and operational effectiveness throughout every engagement.

Michal Mor, Smart Shooter CEO, added: “It’s very exciting to know that the U.S. Army is interested in our SMASH products to meet their individual weapons needs. SMART SHOOTER’s solutions are already in operational use by the U.S. Army in various missions, and we look forward to continued cooperation”.


Rosco Manufacturing & Battle Arms Development Rifle

October 12th, 2020: Rosco Manufacturing, an American manufacturer of high-quality gun barrels & accessories, is proud to announce their newest OEM partnership with respected firearms manufacturer; Battle Arms Development. Within the last year Battle Arms and Rosco have been working together on implementing hard-use, accurate barrels into their exquisitely built rifle platforms.

Battle Arms was very transparent with their need for a barrel that would perform on demand and outlive others currently found in the industry. After strenuous testing by both brands, and their pro-shooters Don Edwards (Greenline Tactical) & Jon Dufresne (Kinetic Consulting) it was concluded that the results exceeded both companies’ initial expectations.

“Having the opportunity to add another great industry brand to our work portfolio is always a humbling moment for us. As manufacturers we strive to make a great product, but as shooters we are always star stuck to see the caliber of brands that trust us with their product lines. We hope to grow this relationship with Battle Arms Development and do some amazing things together!” – Gabriel Cabrera (Marketing/ Sales Director).

Effective immediately, the following Battle Arms Development platforms will feature Rosco’s well-built barrels:


For more information on Rosco Manufacturing and our products go to www.RoscoManufacturing.com

Vertx and Opticsplanet Outerwear Partnership for Fall

Cincinnati, Ohio – Vertx®, a leading manufacturer of low-profile tactical apparel and accessories, is excited to announce the launch of the Hardside Hoody and their partnership with online retailer OpticsPlanet. Available in three limited edition colorways, Reaper Red, Open Water Blue and Tarmac, the Hardside is now available for sale exclusively on opticsplanet.com.

“As the premier destination for tactical apparel, we are proud to showcase our strongest partnership through exclusive products,” said Alex Royzen, Director of Supply Chain Management. “Vertx® is known for their innovative and functional products and the Hardside Hoody is no exception. We are excited to offer it to our passionate customers!”

Designed with low-profile operations in mind, the Hardside Hoody fits into any environment, whether you’re pursuing adventure or on the pursuit. The hoody’s athletic fit makes it easy to layer in chillier weather or if your appearance needs to change on a moment’s notice. When temperatures drop, the drop-back hem keeps your core warm and waistband concealed, even during strenuous activities. Soft pill-resistant four-way stretch fleece has flatlock main seems to reduce bulk and improve comfort. The articulated hood is built to keep your field of vision clear and a bound hem maintains its shape and enhances durability. CCW users will appreciate it’s snag-resistant AbrasionGuard™ lining around the beltline that protects it from wear and tear caused by equipment as well as the hidden pass-throughs inside both hand pockets that provide access to gear stowed at the waist.

“Vertx® and OpticsPlanet, Inc. have been strong partners for many years,” said Ron Dan, National Sales Manager, Commercial at Vertx®. “Through the growth of our partnership and this exclusive offering we are able provide our customers with an amazing product like the Hardside Hoody.”

Learn more about the Hardside Hoody and the rest of the Vertx® line at opticsplanet.com.

SightMark – Mini Reflex Sight


The Mini Shot A-Spec (SM26045 and SM26046) is a versatile and compact reflex sight with a 2 MOA red or green dot, designed for use on a variety of firearms including shotguns, pistols, and AR’s. The Mini A-Spec includes a riser mount and low-profile mount, allowing shooters to choose the right one for the firearm it will be mounted on.

• Included AR riser mount AND low-profile mount
• 2 MOA red (SM26045) or green (SM26046) reticle
• 10 reticle brightness levels
• User-friendly ambidextrous digital switch brightness controls

• Steel protective shield
• Low power consumption
• True 1x magnification
• Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof