Now may be a good time to buy

Colt Larue Aimpoint Surefire

With the new Aimpoint T-2s coming out and the super saturated AR market there are some awesome deals to be had on used Aimpoints. I purchased this T-1 used with the LaRue mount and IO cover for $425 off the Equipment Exchange. I have seen several other good deals there on used T-1 Aimpoints. If money is tight and your looking for a top of the line optic, consider looking at used Aimpoints on the gun forums. Currently it is a buyers market.

Aimpoint T-1 & T-2

The new Aimpoint T-2 is making making its way to the market. TheFirearmBlog posted up a video made by Jonathan Owen comparing the T-1 & T-2.

The T-2 looks like it has some nice little incremental improvements over the T-1, and but at this time I wouldn’t recommend throwing out your T-1 for a T-2. I really like the Aimpoint T-1 and highly recommend it.

The T-1 and T-2 cost more then some may want to pay. Then if your going to use one on an AR15 you generally have to drop about another $100 on a taller mount. If money is tight, look at the Aimpoint PRO. The PRO can be had for under $400, and has all the good features of the more expensive Aimpoints.

Auto Ordnance Tommy Gun

There is just some cool about the Tommy gun. The is Thompson submachine Gun is a piece of Americana, something cool and classic like a Harley Davidson. Few Americans don’t feel something when they see one.

Sadly, the day of the Tommygun is over. It is obsolete, as large as a M4 with stock extended(longer if you have a 16 inch barreled Thompson), but much heavier. Expensive and complex to produce, much smaller lighter, newer weapons give much more capability. The original Thompson is a collectable American classic, but new production ones leave much to be desired.

Back around 2002 I saved up and purchased a new Auto Ordnance Thompson. It was a real lemon. Constant malfunctions. I think I once managed to fire 5 shots in a row with out a jam. Both the front and rear sight fell off. When I sent it back to the factory they used over sized self tapping screws to try and hold the rear sight on the soft receiver. Those screws were so large that the rear sight couldn’t fold down properly. Yet the rear sight still stayed loose. It was a piece of junk that I sold at a loss.

Since then Kahr has purchased Auto Ordnance. The wood looks nicer on these rifles, they have a nicer charging handle, and the front sight is pinned on. I have seen several of these newer, slightly nicer, Thompsons at the range and they still tend to have reliability problems, rear sights falling off, and other issues.

Not to long ago, I was at the range sighting in a new AR upper I picked up, and the shooter to the left of me was shooting an Auto Ordnance Thompson. I don’t know when it was made, but it is one of the newer ones with the improvements that happened after Kahr bought them. I had casually mentioned that I had one in the past and had issues. Then while I was sighting in my scope I noticed this Thompson had issues also.

Not much later, the owner of this rifle had a showstopping malfunction, and got a Range Officer for help. That RO got another RO for help, who said to get me. First inspection the rifle showed it was jammed bolt partway open. Previously people tried to drive it back, and it would not move more, so I attempted to move it forwards. It did move, and then I was able to see that the extractor has popped out of its channel and jammed the whole gun up. Fortunatly I managed to get it out, and the weapon was cleared. I gave the owner of the Auto Ordnance Thompson the best advice I could, “Sell it to someone you don’t like.” Then I found out it was also piercing primers.
Auto Ordnance Thompson

Rumormill: FN to release a semi-auto M249 SAW?

I saw this over on While I think it is cool that FN would do this, I really can’t imagine this being a big seller.

As a light machine gun, the SAW isn’t a bad gun. But as a semi-auto, it is going to be large, heavy, most likely expensive. Cleaning the SAW is annoying. I wont be getting one, but I hope anyone who does enjoys it.


Article by Mark Hatfield.

A little while back I repeated a course which was this time given by Rick Klopp representing Suarez International, the course was Fighting in Structures. It was my first class with him and I would attend one by him again. The presentation had changed from when I had taken it two or three years earlier under another of the S.I. instructors. With the special facilities of Double Tap the course could be done differently, we did less action than previously but more time on the ‘why’ of what we were going to do and then analyzing what we had actually done.

Double Tap is a privately owned and constructed facility which has an outdoor range designed for tactical training but the heart of the facility is the ‘shoot house’. The ‘shoot house’ is not a live fire facility but designed for use with Airsoft, Simunitions, or even paintball if desired. It is a complete multiroom, two story facility contained within a warehouse type building. There are movable interior walls designed such that the floor plan can be easily changed. There are closets, furniture, and a staircase to negotiate. The lighting can be completely controlled so if you want to simulate approaching the structure at night and room clearing by flashlight, this can be done at any time of the actual day or night. Further, the facility has its own camera and video system so most of the action can be captured then reviewed at the control room. This is a big plus for determining what may have gone wrong or right. There are even ‘catwalks’ for observers if desired.

Another ‘plus’ is the classroom and yet another are the ‘bunkhouses’. Quarters are simple, clean, and have microwave ovens and hot showers. There are both male and female sections. Bedding is provided. This is all in the same building as the shoot house making for great convenience and the cost per night to stay there is a huge savings over that of a hotel. If all students of an activity bunk on site then they can take breaks or use the facility at any time around the clock. This is a big advantage compared to having to stop at five or six in the evening then meeting up again in the morning.

I got to spend some time with the family who owns and operates the facility. They can assist with guidance on how to use the structure and can assist with video or leave you alone as you desire. They built this themselves and with no prior experience with such designs. They are due much credit for this creation.

Most people who are not military or police SWAT team members never get to train in facilities like this. Do it if you have the chance. I can strongly recommend this facility and the class. Note, the course attended, instructor, and the sponsor are independent of the Double Tap facility.